Dorothy Rowe’s Next Energy Healing Workhop

Tentatively scheduled to start October 2023 and last until March 2024. Please submit the form at the bottom of the page if you would like to be notified of updates and registration for this course.

  • This course provides a context for actively expanding your healing abilities through practice and feedback. The orientation of this program is experiential. 
  • Live one-hour and 15-minute video lessons will be taught every other Wednesday at 7:30 pm US Central Time and Thursday at 11:30 am US Central Time. Please try to attend at least one of these live sessions. We will be using Zoom Meeting Rooms for these lessons. Recordings of both sessions will be sent in case you wish to review the sessions.
  • These course video lessons will be interactive in the style of a graduate seminar. 
  • Participating with video and audio is encouraged but not required.
  • Each live session will be followed by two weeks of video assignments, self-study, and practice. The course materials area of our website is password-protected. Assignments are designed to take no more than 1 to 1  1/2 hours a week.
  • This course is designed to take the complication out of energy healing. The goal is to put all the parts together into a coherent whole that makes the energy healing process accessible and uncomplicated.
  • This course is not designed to certify you as a professional energy healer but to increase your self-healing ability.

Titles of the Lessons 

  1. Unfolding Your Full Healing Potential 
  2. The Evolutionary Cycle
  3. Purification
  4. Diagnosis: Find the Root of the Problem
  5. Working from Wholeness
  6. Targeting the Specifics 
  7. Body Elemental/Devic Healing Intelligence 
  8. Ritam: Manifesting Health
  9. The Role of Surrender and Devotion
  10. Stabilizing Your Cosmic Connection
  11. Celebrating Fullness/Integration of Life
  • There will be a break in the course videos between mid-December and mid January. (Participants will have four weeks to complete assignments for Lesson Five.)
  • Cost: $750 for the entire 11-lesson course.
  • Refund policy: Full refund if the course is dropped within the first two weeks. After that, the refund is prorated by week. For example, if a drop occurs during the seventh lesson and the course has been paid in full by that time, 4/11 of the course fee will be refunded.
  • A certificate of completion will be given to each participant who successfully finishes any 10 of the 11 lessons.
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