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My goal is empower everyone to use energy healing to improve health, relationships, and their manifesting abilities. Please enjoy browsing my distance energy work services, free offerings, knowledge base, and blog. — Love and gratitude, Dorothy Rowe

“May every impulse of life flowing through us fortify the relationship between ourselves and our bodies. May we cherish our precious bodies through thought, speech, feeling and action. May the immeasurable love of the Creator, and the Absolute pure, truth of Source radiate through every particle of our amazing physical forms. May this love, truth and purity, which we are, guide our choices and decisions about self-care. May it be so.” — Dorothy Rowe

Energy Healing Webinars with Dorothy Rowe

Dorothy Rowe has worked as an energy healer for ten years. Dorothy holds live energy healing webinars on health, relationships and manifestation about every three weeks.

These 1 hour and 15 minute live online seminars use Zoom videoconferencing. Dorothy’s energy healing webinars include healing and energetic transformations for participants. Dorothy explains the mechanics behind the process. Join Dorothy to explore the fascinating laws of energy healing. These laws govern the process of creating from consciousness alone. Improve your heath, relationships, and manifesting abilities in easy and natural steps.

Distance Healing Sessions by Dorothy Rowe

This is a budget-friendly option and is Dorothy’s most-requested energy healing service. It’s perfect for those who need immediate attention. Enjoy short, ongoing doses of healing through consciousness. No prior experience is necessary.

In distance energy sessions, the light of Pure Awareness illuminates the areas requiring change. So each person is getting what they need from their own genuine connection to Source. My job is to make sure everyone’s connection to Source is clear and lively.

Distance Energy Work Knowledge Base

Here are definitions of terms used in Dorothy Rowe’s distance energy work articles and videos – a wealth of information about energy healing and consciousness.

Learn how to use energy healing to improve your health and expand your horizons.

Healing Consultations

Personal energy healing consultations with Dorothy Rowe are available in two formats: $250 for a one-hour consultation or $350 for an hour-and-a-half consultation. Dorothy also offers Distance Healing Sessions which can start within 2- to 4 days.

“The source of the challenge is identified by Divine Intelligence. I am reporting. My perspective is added to your perspective, and a multidimensional picture forms. The imbalance or illness is transformed through the awakening of your healing potential. ”

Residential Clearings

Dorothy will design a residential energetic clearing specific for your location. The distance energy work service consists of an initial session of about an hour. Then Dorothy conducts extra work at various times of day and night. Night work addresses illusory influences which are stronger in darkness. The surrounding neighborhood will also receive attention.

Dorothy examines the energy field of the home or apartment in detail. This survey includes the land and surrounding area. It also examines the structure of the physical building, as well as the history of the building and land.

The Schumann Resonance in the Earth’s Ionosphere

The Schumann resonance is ever-present in the Earth’s ionosphere. The hum of its presence is shared by every living thing. We are so fortunate to have this sound structure uniting us all. Our physical bodies are ever aware of its voice.

In energy healing, it is possible to put awareness on the Schumann resonance and thus join hands with Earth’s living family. This simple act of directing awareness to that sound frequency that we all hold in common is a precious tool for magnifying unity and harmony.

But there is more. It is possible to use the Schumann resonance like an Internet made of consciousness. Whatever intention is offered into it propagates throughout our world family. A healing gift can be expanded in this way to reach everyone.

Because the Schumann resonance is consistent in its frequency, it naturally filters out whatever does not support life.

There are many recordings of the Schumann resonance on the market. I especially like this particular recording. I have found it to be remarkably pure and effortless to enjoy. Here is our affiliate link if you wish to find out more and listen to a sample:

Free Energy Healing for the Respiratory System

How to Make Friends with Our Microbiome

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Testimonials to Dorothy’s Work

Dorothy as an energy healer and as a consultant has helped thousands of individuals develop their healing potential. Dorothy now has clients on six continents.

How did I get started as an energy healer? Here is my story.

Through the heart’s access to the full memory of the creation, we gain the wisdom to evolve with absolute grace and perfect Divine expression. —Dorothy

Here is the Video of Dorothy’s Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview. Audio Podcast of Dorothy’s interview.

Transcript of Dorothy’s Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview.

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