Energy Healing Services Offered by Dorothy

Dorothy’s energy healing services include webinars, remote healing sessions and personal consultations. Dorothy also offers surgery support sessions, digestive mastery sessions, and residential clearings. If you already know what you would like to order, please use this link.

Energy Healing Webinars

Dorothy holds live healing webinars on health, relationships and manifestation about every three weeks.

These 1 hour and 15 minute live online seminars use Zoom videoconferencing. Dorothy’s energy healing webinars include healing and energetic transformations for participants. Dorothy explains the mechanics behind the process. Join Dorothy to explore the fascinating laws of energy healing. These laws govern the process of creating from consciousness alone. Improve your heath, relationships, and manifesting abilities in easy and natural steps. Here is an example of an energy healing webinar.

Remote Energy Healing

A budget-friendly option for remote healing. These sessions are perfect for those who need immediate attention. Enjoy short, ongoing doses of healing through consciousness. No prior experience is necessary. This is Dorothy’s most-requested energy healing service.

In remote healing, the light of Pure Awareness illuminates the areas requiring change. So each person is getting what they need from their own genuine connection to Source. My job is to make sure everyone’s connection to Source is clear and lively.

Healing Consultations

Personal energy healing consultations with Dorothy Rowe are available at $180 an hour. Waiting time until an appointment is currently five months, so we highly recommend a faster alternative: Dorothy’s Distance Energy Work Sessions (Remote Healing Sessions) which can start within 2-4 days.

Dorothy: “The source of the challenge is identified by Divine Intelligence. I am reporting. My perspective is added to your perspective, and a multidimensional picture forms. The imbalance or illness is transformed. Healing can occur anywhere in the continuum of the body.”

Surgery Support

For your smoothest surgery experience. Includes energy work support before and during your surgery. Also, you will receive 10 days of Distance Energy Work sessions after your surgery. These sessions will engage your greatest healing potential and support fastest recovery. The goal is the fullest inner awakening to the cosmic implications of your transformation during the days of recovery.

Digestive Mastery Healing Session

A Digestive Mastery Energy Healing Service includes:

  • Enhancement of the energy coming into the body at the finest level of body structure.
  • Download of energy formulas for the causal body. These will be nourishing for your gut bacteria and improve your relationship with them.
  • Clearing of energetic toxins from the astral body. These toxins indicate the presence of unhealthy microorganisms. This process will benefit the body in the past as well as the present.
  • Also, the healing will include scans of the entire central nervous system. This will reveal blockages that inhibit communication to and from the digestive system. Then repairing and releasing those blockages. 
  • Dorothy customizes this healing for each person who receives it.

Residential Clearings

A locational clearing supports happiness, harmony and productivity. Request for your home, apartment, or work place. You as well as your neighbors will benefit.

Dorothy will design a residential energetic clearing specific for your location. The energy healing service consists of an initial session of about an hour. Then Dorothy conducts extra work at various times of day and night. Night work addresses illusory influences which are stronger in darkness. The surrounding neighborhood will also receive attention. Dorothy examines the energy field of the home or apartment in detail. This survey includes the land and surrounding area. It also examines the structure of the physical building, as well as the history of the building and land.

Dorothy’s Newsletter

Every issue contains a free energy healing, news of recent videos, and announcement of webinars. This is the best way to keep informed about Dorothy’s offerings!


Dorothy has helped thousands of individuals develop their energy healing potential. Dorothy now has clients on six continents.