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Activation to Perceive Subtle Energy Realms for Energy Work

Activating Subtle Energy Realms for Energy Work—Healing for Finer Perception

I’ve designed the healing in the following video to increase your ability to recognize subtle energy realms when present. By subtle energy realms I mean abstract, low definition information.

The video design’s intent to integrate that information into your perception of material reality. Therefore, it will support your ability to bring the most abstract perceptions into a state of clearer definition. As a result, they can be analyzed and appreciated for their role of enriching the understanding of a larger field of reality.

Subtle Energy Realms beyond the “Normal” human experience

What we think of as “normal” human experience is, in fact, just a shadow of our full potential. We know that it is possible for the human brain to process billions of bits of information every second. Accordingly, the capability of the human nervous system and sensory systems to perceive and comprehend the larger scope of reality is enormous.

“Normal,” then, is oriented to high definition information. However, if we include low definition information, then the field of perception thickens.

Low definition information enriches relative perceptions

The first improvement is we actually become aware that we are perceiving fine, abstract, “low definition” information all the time. Consequently, we allow that information to enrich relative perceptions. Another improvement, as we become more deeply aware of subtle energy realms, is learning to bring the abstract into clearer definition.

As a result, we can appreciate the subtle realms for their glorious ability to enhance understanding and knowledge of life.

May all who watch this video enjoy enhanced and refined perception, and broader comprehension of the true nature of reality.

Thank you for watching!


Video—Activation for Perception of Subtle Energy Realms