Healings Activated As You Read Them

These healings become activated in your physiology as you read the text.

Healing for the Divine Dialogue and Facing Your Greatest Fears


  • Understanding the structure of the process of evolution and the energy healing process. 
  • Healing in terms of smoothing this process.
  • Purifying
  • Nourishing and supporting


Thank you to the Mother of the Universe for blessing this healing. Thank you to each participant for being the precious expression of the Source of All That Is. Thank you to the ancestors.

The process of evolution, the Divine dialogue is a cyclic journey which starts from home and returns to home transformed. That transformation is a marriage of all that was blessed and useful from the past and all that was learned in the process of going through the transformation. In these sessions, we are going through mini versions of this transformation. Each report is a small loop which can be traversed in the hour and a half (or so) that it takes to do the healing. Because the nature of the whole creation is basically fractaline in nature, even one small, clearly understood conversation with the Divine can be extended to embrace infinity. This is what we are doing, one loop, one Divine dialogue at a time.

Within each point of the dialogue, there are self constructed boundaries and limitations, up for consideration. These are responsible for the accrual of stress, particularly in the causal through mental levels of the field of self. These stresses can cloud awareness as it traverses the inward and outward strokes of the dialogue, giving rise to uncertainty, confusion, and doubt.

Clearing stresses of the past which have been accrued on the inward journey, from home to the point of greatest transition. Clearing attachments in the mental through physical bodies, to gaining knowledge exclusively from “outside” sources. This means, clearing excessive dependence on sensory information. Clearing attachment from the throat and head, chakras 5, 6, and 7, and the Sthapani mahamarma (big energy center in the head). Simultaneously clearing fear of looking within from the Basti mahamarma (big energy center in the gut area) for 16 generations. In some cases many more.

The inward journey is naturally a move away from the field of gross perception to the field of subtle perception. Washing fatigue from the avenue of awareness. There is an energy medicine which is being offered by the causal body to the senses of perception to heal them from several angles. The main angle is purification. Restructuring neural pathways between the actual senses and the sensory cortices of the brain, to work more efficiently and to self monitor for the sake of efficiently eliminating toxins and structural anomalies. In the sensory cortices, the light medicine is communicating, flowing knowingness, of the finest realms of creation. This is also resulting in some structural changes, including new neural connections which support finer awareness. The corpus callosum in particular is receiving a great flow of energy and bliss, increasing neural connections and purifying blockages of various kinds. There also seems to be a flow of soma to the senses of perception and through them to their corresponding areas of the brain.

Clearing habits of anticipating the worst in situations. It is smart to be on the alert for danger, but it is dangerous to feed energy into problems by mentally escalating the negativity in situations through exaggeration. The habit of exaggeration goes back several generations and is connected to patterns of self abuse and abuse of others. It is clearing from the ancestral archive (molecular level) the verbal mechanism, prefrontal cortex, and heart chakra areas. Under that fear of not being fulfilled in life is clearing from the third, fourth, and fifth chakras. Under that, in the third chakra, clearing judgments and justifications for releasing anger onto others. It can be hard at first, but anger needs to be leveraged to eliminate non evolutionary situations from life. I have a blog about this. http://distanceenergywork.blogspot.com/2015/10/using-anger-as-tool-for-emotional.html

Protecting the flow of awareness from home to infinity by supporting recognition of infinity in every point of the journey. Balance activating at the collective level of Being. This balance is folding into the field of awareness all along its path to infinity and back to support equal value of both inner and outer means of gaining information. This is also creating a balance of energy in the body between the head and gut, with the heart as the epicenter of that balance. Stabilizing a truth matrix in the avenue of awareness, so that wherever awareness flows, purest truth dominates. A 64 point matrix (flower of life matrix) is over laying in the area between astral and emotional bodies. This helps create emotional evenness, and the ability to take in more information without feeling overwhelmed. This is so important for graceful evolution.

Eliminating fear of confrontation from 18 generations of ancestors. This is the result of much work, strengthening and purifying the speech center. Collective body resonating with self trust. When you can trust yourself to offer truth (through speech) in a simple way, then it is a joy to present truth in the face of misunderstanding, misconception, false beliefs, or narrow vision. Compassion resonating at the collective level of being. With tenderest love, every impulse of intelligence which comes through the vocal mechanism is being infused with compassion, appreciation, and bliss.

The voice is the tool to create Divine order from chaos. The hero’s journey from home to face his greatest fear is a move from order to chaos. Therefore the tool of speech is invaluable. Preparing and sharpening this tool provides a resource of inestimable value.

Love and gratitude,

Healing for the Mother of the Universe

This is a healing for the Mother of the Universe. Turning deepest adoration, gratitude, and reverence to Ma. The conception of Mother Divine within you is a ray or aspect of the Source of All.

The energy of reverent gratitude and love is moving like an arrow directly from the heart chakra to the Mother Divine as you know her, and to the Source of Creation, unknowable. This move, is delicious, ancient, eternal. It is the essence of devotion. It is the ultimate act of devotion within the context of utmost tenderness.

As this love flow establishes, it literally collects and eliminates emotional imbalance throughout the body. Feeling the release of discordant feelings from the neck and throat area. Also, from in and around the senses of perception, particularly hearing and sight.

Clearing trauma, sourced in relationships and interactions deemed unpleasant, painful, inappropriate, and sad. When the full potential of any relationship is not achieved, disappointment is a natural reaction. Anytime this happens, it is an indication that the vision of the potential was incomplete in some way. If the vision was fully aligned with cosmic evolution, then the whole universe would support the manifestation of that vision.

Clearing 3Ms from the senses of perception, from the channels between the organs of perception and the areas of the brain which process sensory information. Clearing 3Ms and impressions from the channels and the sensory cortices.

Honoring the life force within the sensory structures of the body. Love and gratitude to the nature of sensory perception. Offering the perception to the intelligence of the senses, that the desire is to clearly know Her (Ma), in full truth in every perception, as every perception, and releasing this desire to the ocean of Her Being.

Integrating the juxtaposition, or paradox of the extreme preciousness of life with the extreme insignificance and smallness of ourselves in context of the whole creation. This is the gift coming from Ma right now. Nothing and everything. Seeing the role of radical, sudden change, dynamic transformation. It feels as if this stroke of perfect love, shot into the heart of Ma, has returned as the seed of fulfillment with a body of mechanics attached, which support a level of manifesting potential beyond our previous comprehension.

This makes sense, because the stroke of love was so precious, She is offering the means to create future strokes with even more impact. Offering the mechanic of dynamic transformation, to the Source of Creation, within the context of the most intimate desires of the heart, the desires which bring ever increased intimacy with Ma, with life’s highest aspirations.

With this I am feeling an increase in the natural synchronicity which is behind all manifestation, cosmic and individual. The value of synchronicity, necessary for highest achievement, is itself a force of creation. It is that aspect of one’s nature which is completely intimate. Intimacy is the quality which allows for the synchronous alignment of situations and circumstances to either support or destroy an aspiration, plan, vision. Intimacy is the seed and the outcome of the stroke of love offered to Ma.

With this intimacy activated in awareness, offering deeper, even more precious flow of loving gratitude to Source. Coloring the stroke of love with intimacy. The effect is the Mother of Creation, as known and experience from the level of individuality, becoming the offeror to the unknowable Source of All. Very, very, (I can’t say enough “verys”), very fine, inside the womb of Creation itself, the Totality of your Being offers its finest, highest, most precious gift to That. This is Ma, healing herself. This is the move-less move of Infinity, folding in on itself. This love knows no bounds. It nourishes every particle in creation. It elevates every aspect of the universe to the status of Universal. This tiniest of moves is the beat of the butterfly wing, which will return to you as, the neutralization of debt (karmic and otherwise), the increase of synchronicity which brings fulfillment of desires without effort, and the refinement of the body, your vehicle for Being. Bless you, and thank you for Being.

Love and gratitude,



Healing for the Etheric Body


  1. Integrating individuality with universality.
  2. Healing for etheric body.

Thank you to the Mother of the Universe for blessing this healing. Thank you to each participant for being the precious expression of the Source of All That Is. Thank you to the ancestors.

Coordination between the individual consciousness and universal consciousness (the laws of Nature) are responsible for the health, or lack thereof in the body. Looking in this healing to improve the communication within the field of consciousness, and between consciousness and the body. Now clearing from the channels of communication: hopelessness, misunderstanding, digressions, distractions. Under that, clearing intense emotions, frustration, attachments to assumptions and expectations. Clearing identification, and egoic structures associated with ideals of what one “should” be or “could” be.

This clearing is taking place on the grounds of collective body intelligence witnessing the imbalance. This witnessing is loosening it from the fine fabric of the causal through etheric levels of the body. Etheric body especially is ready for some good healing now. Flow of compassion and an upgrade of understanding to the etheric body. This upgrade of understanding reveals the interface between the laws of Nature and the etheric body.

Any illness (even if you have an accident) will sit in the etheric body prior to manifesting at the physical level and continue to reside at an etheric level after symptoms have emerged. The etheric body has the potential to be filled with very potent life force. A download is being received by the God presence of the etheric body’s full potential.

When people talk about a “light body” they are really talking about a fully activated etheric body. When the etheric body is flowing with maximum life force and subtle energies, it glows in a way which can be perceived by others. If your friends are sensitive, they will know what they are seeing. If they are not, they will understand on a level which is not accessible to them, but a level to which they respond anyway.

As the etheric body awakens to its cosmic potential, it is poised to allow maximum healing energy from Being to reach the physical body. Remember, the etheric body is just one degree more subtle than physical so it is the door between non-physical and physical. There are waves of knowingness coming from Being to the etheric body. They include information about integration between Being and physical reality, how to best align personal evolutionary trajectory with cosmic evolution, and the importance of getting emotional reality in order for success in self healing through energy work.

Clearing frustration in the nervous system, particularly the head regarding feelings of helplessness, worthlessness, and lack of resources to deal. All of these feelings are being turned over to Divine Being. Your Divine Being, is you. You are turning over your “stuff” to the part of yourself which illuminates. Looking at your own “stuff” from the perspective of Divine Being, allows you to step outside of it, and see it like a witness. The ability to witness makes you bigger than you are when you are gripped, or overshadowed by symptoms. This witnessing state is expansive and makes available the resources required to deal with “stuff.”

Feeling a fine integration of Divine Being at the etheric level of the body. Being is washing over and through the etheric body. It is upgrading the ability to deal with viruses and other micro-invaders. As it pushes into the denser regions of the etheric body, pockets of discordant feeling and accompanying feelings which are connected with identification (small ego) are dislodged. These pockets of feeling especially require some extra attention. Ego identifies with particular energy signatures. These energy signatures come from subtle regions of creation. They carry the weight of much life force and universal memories. We are here to witness this energy, not to identify with it. The role of the human is to experience expansion but from a state of balance, which supports stability in expansion.

Balance is manifesting in the pockets of the etheric body which have been harboring these energies from subtle regions of creation. Some are memories, genetic memories, past incarnation memories, and collective memories.

The memories and their energy signatures are being honored, while at the same time the etheric body is being released from the grip of identification with the feelings of the memories. It is alright to recognize the brilliance and diversity of the creation while also maintaining a universal perspective–the perspective that, in the eyes of the Mother of Creation, everything, good or bad, vitally contributes to the overall reality of life.

Double-checking back with the etheric body again. Clearing more discordant feelings in the throat, neck, upper chest and shoulder area. This is the action center in the body. This is also where a lot of the karma associated with perceived “mistakes” resides. Innocence manifesting in this area, and letting go of expectations that achievements that have to fit within specific parameters in order to be recognized.

Remember, as long as you recognize an achievement, it really doesn’t matter if anyone else does. In the end, no one besides yourself will really comprehend the extent of any of your achievements. So, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. What they see is a reflection of their consciousness, not yours. As long as you can recognize your dedication, strengths, and efforts, that is all that really matters.

Love and gratitude,


Heart Healing

Thank you to the Mother of the Universe for blessing this healing. Thank you to each participant for being the precious expression of the Source of All That Is. Thank you to the ancestors.

Breathing an integrated sense of self through the sacred space of the heart. Just softest breath through the heart chakra and the sacred space behind the heart. Forgiveness is flowing into sacred gardens of the heart between yourself and those with whom you danced the dance of karma and co-dependence throughout the history of the soul.

When a person experiences a difficult situation, particularly the sort which lasts for years or decades, it is always for the sake of learning a crazy difficult lesson extremely thoroughly. It happens when the refinement of the heart is so great, and the development of the intellect is so high, that a simple glazing over of the lesson will not satisfy. We come back to our greatest challenges because the soul is looking for thorough understanding. These two things: understanding and surrender, are the keys to rising above the most intense suffering.

Through the heart chakra, an integration between the three main energy centers in the body (head, heart, and gut) is taking place. Future self is “talking” to present self in the subtle language of the heart. There is a thread of love and life connecting the heart at this time with the potential future of self which is in a state of full Divine Embodiment. The message of Future Self is integrating into what we know as conscience in the present time. Opening channels in the cerebellum through the prefrontal cortex to receive truth in the form of deepest inner wisdom. This is a guiding influence for moment-to-moment choices which lead life to its highest potential by honoring the heart’s wisdom.

Clearing grief, both long held old grief and more recently acquired grief from the heart chakra and chest. Clearing expectations. Bringing the loving vision of those who hold you dear to the deepest level of self definition. Know that the perspective of loved ones is the reflection of your potential. Therefore, even if they aren’t present to offer that perspective, their vision is still a very real part of who you are. In fact when loved ones are lost, their vision expands to infinity, and increases the chances of your realization of that great potential multifold.

Expanding the definition of the purpose of life to embrace cosmic value. This expansion is manifesting as a flow of self acceptance which is not constrained by time. This flow of self acceptance is moving through the life story to specifically embrace yourself at moments of rejection, disappointment, and despair. Mother of the Universe is adding her beautiful, infinite compassion to this process. She is wrapping you tenderly in her perfect love, at those points of greatest need, so that any feeling of not belonging is completely melted from the field of experience. I am seeing these waves of self love, acceptance and compassion expanding to infinity based on the blessings of the Mother of Creation.

Truth matrix for the heart to support the ability to gracefully face the self, compassionately, lovingly, courageously. The causal body is creating an energy medicine which is designed to “dissolve”. This light frequency is interacting with unflattering thought patterns and habits of self reproach. The mental and emotional bodies are receiving a happiness matrix which stabilizes freedom from inner blockages and discord. There are beautiful, luscious, deeply satisfying light medicines made in the subtle levels of the body which promote incredible health in the body from the quantum level through the full physical form. The formulas for these light medicines are being communicated to the overseeing intelligence of the body (body elemental). This is causing a lovely upgrade for the body elemental.

Sometimes the heart struggles from feelings of loneliness and separation. These feelings make it hard to find the common ground with others. There are natural differences between one’s own perspective and the perspective of others. This makes life interesting. Deep within your heart knows all perspectives simultaneously. So, the heart has the ability to see personal perspective and other’s perspectives at the same time. If you know the Source of Creation within yourself, as yourself, and others do not, then how is this reconciled? The disjunction of perspectives can give rise to a feeling of confusion and chaos which is too big to over come from an individual perspective.

Offering a download for the heart that the differences between people’s individual points of view are rooted in the common Source of Being. So regardless of the differences on the surface, inside common ground can always be found. Divine Love is behind the harshest lessons.

Balancing harshness and darknesses with the light of essential self. Stabilizing balance as the core of self definition. This illuminates in the perception and awareness of others as a gift for understanding areas within oneself which still need loving attention and support. Illuminating the places where more potential can be realized. This is all about realizing your potential as the embodiment of Divinity. The greater the disjunct between oneself and others, the more potential is present to evolve your full potential.

We are looking at the “impossible” and diving to the celestial level of reality, where the completion of that impossibility resides, where Wholeness resides. Looking at all possibilities, and finding the balance which reveals the shortest path from the current condition to a state of ideal health, fulfillment, and Divine embodiment.

Love and gratitude,



Clearing Past Negative Impressions

Thank you to the Mother of the Universe for blessing this healing. Thank you to each participant for being the precious expression of the Source of All That Is. Thank you to the ancestors.

Clearing impressions from the causal through mental bodies of experiences from the past which were negative, destructive, or painful in nature. Clearing connections with past debts paid long ago, from the environment and from the field directly around the subtle bodies. There are very complex impressions which appear to be mixed with other subtle energies, such as dimensions, morphic fields, sinister force, etc. It is this very dense energy which has presented itself for purification and transformation.

Stabilizing a state of balance where dense darkness conjoins with the brilliant flow of creativity and intelligence to produce the effect which leads to evolutionary transformation. Balance is the key to a health interface between these opposing forces.

Clearing layers of fear and habits of avoidance of negativity.

Clearing long past karmic connections with dark arts from the present field of self, from the subtle bodies, upper chakras, and especially clearing threads from the heart chakra. So often, ill wishes from others lodge in the heart. No worries, the heart is strong, and the ill will is clearing now. Releasing this energy from your own heart helps to heal those who carry grudges, jealously, resentments also.

Offering non attachment to the ever changing features of relative life as an energetic download. This energy frequency is stabilizing in the heart to create a state of emotional liberation. This freedom comes from being so filled with the precious light of the Divine, that all of the things of the relative are surreal by comparison. The heart is full with adoration and fulfillment in the state of knowingness.

This download is taking many forms in the body, understanding, perception, light medicine for the cells, light medicine for the subtle bodies. It is really impressing its structure and nature into the subtle bodies to redefine everything in perspective to the light of Being.

An upgrade of this caliber destabilizes the previous condition. The stage is being set for a whole new paradigm to emerge. A feeling of non-reality is very natural at this point in the healing process. This feeling has been misinterpreted over the ages as instability, destruction of the known, loss of order. Consequently, humanity has struggled at this point in the process of evolutionary transformation. This has caused roughness, which leaves scar-like impressions in the astral through etheric levels of the body. These scars are softened and dissolved with the balm of wisdom.

This next statement is for the ancestors and your long past incarnations. Because the feeling of evolutionary transformation is rooted in a very abstract level of consciousness, it can be misunderstood as a loss of order, of the known, of the familiar. However, this feeling is actually the arrival of the home of knowingness. Refined, holistic understanding of what is really happening is offered to comfort, illuminate, and smooth the evolutionary process.

The really traumatic experiences of the past have been a reflection of this deep terror, clearing now, of the point where everything we knew, everything that made sense, had to dissolve in order for the soul to be reborn in a form which will support Divine embodiment.

With love and gratitude,



Silence and Communication

Thank you to the Mother of the Universe for blessing this healing. Thank you to each participant for being the precious expression of the Source of All That Is. Thank you to the ancestors.

Deepest silence. Silence particularly sitting in the temporal region of the brain. Such a deep dive of silence is eliciting a purification response in the body. Heat is releasing and with it deep seated toxins which have been lodged in the tissues physically for some time.

Discordant feelings dislodging from the esophagus, trachea, vocal mechanism and thyroid. These organs are also releasing memory patterns associated with times in history of not having a voice. There is a rhythm of silence and dynamism which permeates this area of the body (breath, speech, heart beat, swallowing, etc). Offering the relationship of these two sides of the Divine dialogue to Being, innocently. Discordant feelings are releasing from this area, to support greater balance of opposites, and greater liveliness of silence in the gap between them. Sometimes well chosen words are the most powerful thing that a person can present.

The most powerful communication comes through the silence mixed with the sound. Therefore, the communication which strikes its mark most effectively is the one which integrates these two with greatest perfection. Mastery over silence and sound can be gained by practicing them first separately, then together. This is the formula for reclaiming the power of speech.

Looking at two things:

1. The intention behind communication. This is the job of the heart.
2. Crafting of the communication itself. This is the job of the mind.

Regarding the intention: Listening to centuries of speech in the silence. Overall patterning is about the evolutionary flow of Divinity through the medium of humanity. The limitations of the human condition are responsible for situations which allow for learning and growth. Simple lack of omniscience provides the context for this. Knowing everything eliminates the possibility for learning, growth, surprises, and most other human experiences.

The advantages of being human are obvious. Human life is a testament to the nature of consciousness to expand. Suffering is also due to not knowing everything. The heart, heart chakra, auric field of heart chakra, is receiving a download of information directly from the heart of the Mother of Creation. This download is offered to centuries of humanity. It is “speaking” to the emotional center of self, including causal through emotional bodies. The message is that we are One with Ma, that she is the manifested balance of silence and dynamism at every point. That the purest balance point allows maximum expression of Divine intention to manifest. That Divine expression, Divine embodiment is within reach at all times. Realizing our potential as a people, as a planet is connected to the ability to stabilize the flow of Divine intention in the context of human experience.

Coupled to the state of not knowing everything are the multifold forms of ignorance. These have the potential to attain balance with the form of purest wisdom. They can unravel reality together like the dissolving of stone cliffs at the shoreline. The shore never goes away. We wouldn’t know the ocean without it. However, it can become so soft, so refined that the boat of life cannot be hurt even in the gap between the water and the shore. There has to be a gap between Infinity and individuality. They define each other. Individual definition can identify with the creative, life transforming response to suffering, rather than the suffering itself.

Regarding the crafting process: The silence is shining like a light, illuminating the cultural history of language through to about the 1400’s AD. It is at this time that many vital patterns of speech were established which form a foundation for today’s language. These patterns influence the vocal mechanism, particularly memory patterns in the muscles associated with silence and sound. Silence penetrating into the parietal cortex and cerebellum, for all people associated with language from the modern time through the 15th century.

The rhythm of words and subtle energy resonations of different words are being “washed” by the tenderness of intention to create meaning, truth, and support between people. This is for ancestors and others with whom they are associated. The intention to produce beauty, evolutionary transformation, environmental balance, and Divine expression through speech is offered to everyone in this healing and to your extended social circles. Mother Divine receives the manifestation of this intention through each of us, through those we love. Always, the first beneficiary of speech is oneself.

With love and gratitude,


Understanding the Wholeness of Self

Thank you to the Mother of the Universe for blessing this healing. Thank you to each participant for being the precious expression of the Source of All That Is. Thank you to the ancestors. Self love, self love, self love.

Not just the limited individualized understanding of self, but whole Self/self. Self love – self respect – self acknowledgement – self protection, etc. is fundamental to all healing work. It doesn’t make sense to just love the nose, but dislike the ear. Refining the process of self love means first finding oneself. What is this Self/self who is being loved? What is the range, definition, quality, essence?

Receiving a download for the God presence (which is absolutely a part of Self/self) of the understanding of the wholeness of Self. Most of ourself remains outside the range of gross senses, it tends to be obscured by the relative level of understanding, including the individual definition of self. From the perspective of “You are the universe,” comprehending Self/self is too much to attempt from an intellectual perspective. So, for effortless comprehension, the process must be simplified.

The God presence, the conscious mind, and the emotional body are receiving a download which defines the energy signature of Self/self in a nutshell. The seed of Self can be comprehended in a single moment of experience. The ability to bring fulfillment to the whole universe is based upon Being. The definition of this exceedingly delicate, abstract, exquisite manifestation of the whole universe in the context of a single human life, is Self. This session is about getting clear on the reality of Self/self, then opening the channel of authentic, genuine, pure love. From this foundation, all goals for self healing are easily accomplished.

Most people like some things about themselves and don’t like others. Rejecting or hiding what we don’t like is common. If we don’t deal with problems it is common to “store” it in the back. (We can’t see our own backs, right?) Clearing nodes of discordant feelings from the nerves and connective tissues along the spine. Clearing impressions and fear of rejection, from physical and etheric bodies. Clearing pain bodies and more habits of self judgment activated by triggers. Clearing connections between discordant emotions and triggers in the whole nervous system, etheric body, and mental body, especially avenue of awareness.

Knowing and accepting what we are, including the parts we don’t like, is step one for efficient health transformation. Clearing habits of not looking, self deception, or hiding parts of self from conscious awareness. Clearing years of habits and blockages against looking at everything. Clearing fear and filters, pain bodies, ego and attachments from the first and second rays of the causal body through the physical body.

Now clearing the same from the astral body. Astral body is a filter responsible for the way in which our belief systems form. Belief systems which have been handed down for generations stand in the way of taking a genuine, all embracing, non judgmental look at oneself. Seventeen generations of ancestors are experiencing gentle restructuring in the astral through physical levels of the body to help make it easier to just look at what needs attention. Celestial self is supporting their ability to comfortably accept, lovingly work with areas which require and upgrade. What this really means is to reorient the main life focus towards Divine Union, and away from self centered, greedy, jealous, separation oriented thinking and action.

With the support of your beautiful God presence and angelic structures, your ancestors can easily do this. This is a service to humanity which clears unfavorable karma in addition to providing solace through the ages.

In the same way that water (soft and yielding) carves deep canyons out of mighty mountains, so intelligently focused awareness can dissolve blockages without effort. The trick is to bring awareness to the soft underbed of the hard-held beliefs which reside on the surface of the thinking process. Just as igneous rock (hard, brittle, and porous) layers itself on top of the limestone bed (soft and easily dissolved) so the deeper, more abstract levels of self are quicker to transform with healing intention than the denser levels of self. As the inner, less concrete levels of self are “washed clean” so the symptoms at the surface, loosing their foundation, break apart into packages of information, with obvious easily applied solutions.

This is for the ancestors: Healing becomes a process of unpacking the fundamentals of beliefs, sorting out what one really thinks and feels about various situations and circumstances, then working with the parts, one at a time, approaching from authenticity and genuine truth. You just can’t go wrong from this angle, but you can refine it with practice.

The celestial and collective levels of body work together to create a foundation for the healing. They resonate in specific energy frequencies which support efficient inner and outer transformation. In this case the celestial body humming with pure truth. Meanwhile the collective body is softening everything with compassion, recognition, mercy, and of course love to create a powerful foundation for the work. All of this is your Divine Being moving in the most natural way. The area which is transforming is the causal through mental levels. Some of the imbalance reflects into the etheric and physical bodies as well.

The causal level is where karma sits, also some seed forms of beliefs are in this area. These are in most cases carried from the distant past, (primarily ancestral, but also past incarnation). A realignment is taking place which supports the discrimination to separate what was useful in the past from what is useful now. Then the resources to uplift past understandings in a continuous integrated manner to reflect the higher reality of the present moment.

Truth is true for all times and in all places. Right now the important thing is to continue opening the channels of self love. When we see all aspects of self in terms of their purest truth, then it is easy to be self accepting and very understanding about everything, even “mistakes” or “imperfections”. All of these inconsistencies are present to bring growth toward greater perfection, always. Integration of genuine understanding of self is taking place in all areas, at all times, of the story of the soul. Every inconsistency is a huge opportunity to grow ever closer to one’s Self. It is a chance to be a perfect instrument for Divine expression in the field of earthly experience. Only through embracing these inconsistencies can their full potential to elevate life be realized.

With love and gratitude,