“Dorothy is a wonderful energy worker. My sessions with her have all been inspiring and expansive, and I feel so uplifted after each session.  I have learned a lot from her, a lot about the beauty and complexity of creation. I feel she is a gift from God!”

— C.C.  Switzerland


“I have had remarkable results and experiences. Dorothy Rowe is a gifted healer and a fountain of Motherly love. Because she clearly perceives eight bodies – from the physical to the Celestial body and can see into the structure of the DNA, past incarnations and the ancestral realms, as well as the most subtle levels (Quantum) of the physical body, God moves through her to remove the cause of disease, rather than only dealing with the symptoms. The Celestials always help her, and I always experience them too.”

— C. M. Iowa


“About eight years ago my knees started hurting whenever I climbed a staircase. The pain got progressively worse until I found I had to climb the stairs by leaning on the banister and pulling myself up. I was in terrible pain.

“I consulted an Orthopedic surgeon who told me that there was almost no cartilage left in my knees and that I would probably have to have a double knee replacement surgery.

“I decided that before I would take such drastic action I would ask Dorothy if she could help me. We met for about an hour and a half on two consecutive weeks. After the first meeting I felt a difference in my knees. After the second meeting the pain was nearly all gone. Over the next month, the pain gradually went away entirely. Now after about 4 years I am still pain free. Dorothy helped save me a lot of expense, time, pain and inconvenience.  Praise God !”

—  P. C. Iowa


“I have known Dorothy Rowe for 32 years. She has the biggest heart that is open to everyone without exception. In 2007, she had an awakening experience of omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience. Her I AM PRESENCE, GOD SELF has guided her to use this awakening experience to help alleviate suffering energetically from anyone who comes to her. The profound insights that are expressed to Dorothy from GOD SELF while doing this energetic work are from Truth and give the client a feeling of more completeness.

“Dorothy’s clients finish a session feeling more holistic, energized, with a greater vision of who they are. If you are searching for better health, more emotional stability and peace of mind, have a session. You won’t regret it.”

— N. C. Iowa


“After an appointment, I regain my clarity. It is a simple thing, really, regaining clarity, especially since it was there all along. But unclear thinking leads to an uncertainty of one’s place in life that can be so gripping, so as to seem like the true reality. Sometimes during a session, Dorothy and I even laugh at how the mind can twist and color everything. I find her knowledge of the physiology—details of how the mind and body work—along with her subtle perceptions to be invaluable and I leave each appointment only grateful.”

— S. H. Iowa


“What is even perhaps more exciting to me about this all is how Dorothy is able to clear so much long standing past life and ancestral stuff and help me align with my highest purpose. I have been in such a happy space since the session and am really looking forward to seeing where the next one leads:)

“Dorothy, you are definitely following a calling, as your skill and infectious enthusiasm so delightfully reveal!” 

— S. B. Nevada


“I have had blood sugar metabolism issues my entire adult life. Until I was 60 it was low blood sugar which I monitored by avoiding desserts and eating a snack every few hours. After 60, it mysteriously switched over to high blood sugar and things like an apple or a few figs would put me into the danger zone. Insulin resistance was found to be the culprit. As my diabetic friend listened to my symptoms of headaches upon waking from a night’s sleep, dizziness from standing up too quickly, low energy and pain in my legs while trying to climb one flight of stairs, she nodded her head and said, “This is how it starts. I have diabetes Type II, am on medication for life and have to prick my finger every morning to take a blood sample of my glucose levels”.

“After a little research, when I found out that diabetes can cause blindness, gangrene and an early death, I decided I was going to avoid this disease if at all possible! Having heard about Dorothy Rowe from a friend, I decided to give her a try. After the 1st hour session I felt a huge improvement and now can eat things I never could eat before with no blood sugar spike. I also added daily treadmill walking to get more exercise and, so far, 8 months later, I am AOK for my health. Thank you.”

— J. C,  Canada


“Dear Dorothy, I cannot thank you enough for your extraordinary gift of multi-dimensional healing—your wisdom, your generosity and kindness. I have been recording our Skype calls and they are beyond amazing. Do you find with other clients that each time they listen to them there’s a deepening that happens? With all my heart and the deepest appreciation and gratitude for all that you do.”

–W.T., California

“This is remarkable and so profound. I am so excited about this and have been seeing some Ancestral things being revealed in and around Money and Abundance and allowing myself to let go of small confined thinking and being and opening to greatness and Abundance and greater visioning in the physical world, Releasing fears passed down from my mother around visioning greatness into being… So amazing!   Thank you so much!  The Sessions taking place in the morning…are they including the Ancestral Work? I would love to see more of an explanation on the website of what is included in the group and personal sessions! Maybe even some sample and possibly testimonials.You can certainly use anything I send to you in the way of experiences/testimonials. I am sending you Blessings of Love and Appreciation.”

–L.T.  Californnia

“What is even perhaps more exciting to me about this all is how you are able to clear so much long standing past life and ancestral  stuff and help me align with my highest purpose. I have been in such a happy space since the session and am really looking forward to seeing where the next one leads:)  You are definitely following a calling, as your skill and infectious enthusiasm so delightfully reveal!”

–B. S. Iowa

” truly feel blessed to meet you in my life. I am grateful for your great wonderful healing, and I am grateful for all the divine beings that contributed. After the healing, I feel more and more close linked with mother earth. I cherished every breath on mother earth. I was so grateful that I even burst into tears. I love mother earth and plants and animals on this planet dearly, but I am deeply saddened and maybe a bit agitated by some human being’s actions. However, now I can feel my love flow to them too. My gratitude to you is without my ability to express.

“On a physical level, my blood pressure came to normal this afternoon. Due to kidney function failure, my blood pressure were quite high recently. But this afternoon I checked and it returned to normal range. I wish this will continue, hoho 🙂 Also, when my father reached the original spots near my spine, I did not feel the acute pain like before (In Chinese original spot system, if you have anything wrong with the physical body, there would be pain in the corresponding original spot). I have less discomfort in my heart area and urinary system area.

“I am amazed by the master’s work today, especially for the energy matrix they made. I can imagine in my mind it is beautiful. Again I am so grateful for your healing. Looking forward to seeing you soon. 

“I am writing to thank you for the wonderful healing. It feels like an amazing trip in the magical universe. I feel being loved by God and so many wonderful masterbeings. Again thank you for arranging me the appointment so early. And thank you for spending so much time and energy on me. I am truly grateful.

“I feel much happier after the treatment. My father said I looked so good after the healing that he said I did not even need my Chinese herb massage today.:-) Also, I felt charged with energy so I only had one apple and felt quite full. 😛 Btw, I saw rainbow color clouds half an hour after the treatment. Could I consider that it is an auspicious sign? 🙂 

“After I calm down a bit from the cheer and bliss you brought, I have one question in my mind. Could I pray to the healing masters to ask their help for healing my kidney ? And could you teach me via email how to prepare the healing water? 😛 I made a note but was not certain whether I was right..”

–S.S., China

” I want to express my gratitude for our wonderful session yesterday. I was falling asleep last night at 7:30, and had the deepest, most peaceful sleep that I’ve enjoyed in several yrs., with the help of the Devi of Sleep.  I’m feeling so different this morning, that a number of things were healed, there’s just a general feeling of peace permeating my brain, and my being, that tension is gone. I feel very blissful and so grateful.

“Also, I’m not feeling any pain or discomfort near the right ovary. I really believe that was healed and released. What profound work you are doing Dorothy!  Thank you again with all my heart.”

Love and Blessings,

–M.N., USA

“Dorothy, I woke up today feeling so much more like myself, much much better, and my eyesight Is actually better. !!! Thank you so much.”


“Dorothy is a delightful, wise person and also an exceptionally gifted clairvoyant and clairaudient. She brings insight and healing to a very wide range of situations – physical and mental health, relationships and many other aspects of life.”

–C.J. England

“Dorothy is an exceptionally positive, loving, caring person with rare skills to help enliven the inner intelligence of body and mind to facilitate Self healing. My consultations with her are always uplifting, effective, transformative, and delightful.”

–C K. Iowa