Mt Shasta - Distance Energy Work

Healing Webinars with Dorothy Rowe

Join Dorothy to explore the fascinating laws which govern the process of creating from consciousness alone, to improve heath, relationships, and manifesting abilities.

Remote Energy Healing

A budget-friendly option for remote energy healing. These sessions are perfect for those who require immediate attention. Enjoy short, ongoing doses of healing through consciousness. No prior experience is necessary.

Healing Consultations

Dorothy:, “The source of the challenge is identified by Divine Intelligence. I am reporting. My perspective is added to your perspective, and a multidimensional picture is formed. The imbalance or illness is transformed and healed from anywhere in the continuum of the body.”

Knowledge Base

Definitions of terms used in Dorothy Rowe’s energy healing articles and videos. A wealth of information about energy healing and consciousness.

Residential Clearings

To support the increase of happiness, harmony and productivity of your living environment and that of your neighbors.

Every issue contains a free healing. Keep informed about webinars and special offerings.

Dorothy has helped thousands of individuals develop their healing potential. Dorothy now has clients on six continents.

How did all this get started? Here is my story.

Through the heart’s access to the full memory of the creation, we gain the wisdom to evolve with absolute grace and perfect Divine expression. —Dorothy