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Energy Healing FAQ

Dorothy Rowe
Dorothy Rowe

Frequently Asked Questions about Energy Healing

Dorothy Rowe answers frequently asked questions about energy healing and distance healing—the process of healing through consciousness alone.

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

What happens in an energy healing session?

Your Divine presence is doing the energy healing. But two eyes looking at a situation are better than one. When you are looking at your own issues, it is the eye of God in you doing the looking. When I open my eye and look from my perspective, then two eyes are looking and depth perception is created. Also, this eye has years of experience helping people overcome imbalance and manifest their desires. So I offer my understanding and perspective to yours, thus enhancing your ability to promote evolutionary change in the way that suits you best. I totally trust that your Divine intelligence knows you best of all and knows exactly how to carry out the healing process for you with grace.

Why do different healers practice so differently?

Everyone’s healing style is unique, and each is a Divine gift. I do my best to exercise tolerance for all the styles, while doing what is right for me. Ultimately, the greatest healer resides within each of us. Yes? My experience is that no one really “heals” anyone else.  Just the conditions are set for self-healing in the most powerful way. Then One takes care of One’s self. It helps to have support in the beginning. It helps to have two eyes open. This is what I am doing—seeing, reporting, supporting for you.

What happens during a personal healing consultation?

I am bowing down at the feet of God and reporting to you at the same time. Being sees, then Being transforms/heals. I report. I am offering my Being as another eye open, because with two eyes open, there is better depth perception. Ultimately the person receiving the healing is also doing the healing. I am merely witnessing but also supporting with my awareness. Questions are encouraged, and recording is completely fine.

What is the waiting time for a personal consultation vs. a Distance Healing session?

The private consultations are usually booked out several months in advance. Distance Energy Healing sessions can normally begin within a couple of working days.

Why would someone sign up for a Distance Energy Healing session?

Often people sign up for distance energy work because of specific concerns. But not always. Some people just use them to receive a transmission of Divine Mother light. I trust that each person knows what is best for them. Zero pressure. If you are not sure and would like to try just one and see how it goes, that is fine too. I do whatever I can to accommodate everyone’s needs.

May I request a Distance Healing Session for a friend or relative?

Yes. It is completely fine if you would like to order a healing session for them, even if they may not be familiar with energy work and are skeptical. This work is the work of Divine intelligence. Therefore, they would receive the support which is appropriate for them.  (We are all adored much more than we can ever imagine.) In some ways, if they are innocent, then the love and support can come to them completely unhindered. 

Is it possible to make a donation to help Dorothy’s knowledge gain a wider audience?

My work is not set up as a non-profit business, so donations are not tax-deductible. but all donations are sincerely appreciated. Here is a link if you wish to make a donation. All donations will be used to further expand my free offerings on this website and on my Youtube channel so that the message that everyone can heal themselves reaches a larger audience.

In a Distance Energy session, I did not notice improvement in the area I cited as my concern, but another area of my life improved instead. Can you explain this?

Thank you for understanding that sometimes these things happen. We are all united in the wholeness of Being, and the work done is a reflection of Divine intelligence. Therefore, sometimes the area worked on is not always the one expected but the one most needed.

During my Distance Healing session, I was not able to sit with eyes closed the whole time but just for a couple minutes. Is this OK?

What you did was perfect. I realized that people can’t always afford to sit with their eyes closed. However, taking time at any point to honor your evolutionary process is completely beautiful. Gratitude itself is a kind of medicine that we make, which has effects at all levels of the body.

I notice that after a Distance Healing session I sometimes feel like I need rest. Is this normal?

It is quite common for the effects of the healing sessions to continue integrating and even continue happening for days after the session has completed. Some people like to lie down and rest after the sessions, and others experience integration in their sleep time.

I am in a part of the world where I am asleep during your Distance Healing sessions. Would they still be effective for me?

Yes, sleeping during the treatments is wonderful. After all, the body is in healing mode during sleep. Laying down with eyes closed is perfect. If you find yourself waking up during that time, don’t mind. Stay resting if possible, and usually a very deep sleep will follow. As I mentioned above, many people report the desire to take a nap after healing sessions.

I would like a personal consultation with you, but may I request some distance energy healing while I am waiting for my consultation?

Certainly. Distance Healing sessions can begin within 1 – 2 weekdays. These group sessions are perfect as a supplement to personal consultations and also for those with a limited budget who desire one-time or ongoing support for concerns. In addition: My website has a lot of nice free offerings: Heartbeam Emotional HealingWealth ActivationHeavenly Sleep ActivationLight Medicine ProcedureDigestive Mastery Protocol and Videos.
The free Newsletter comes out bimonthly and includes a bonus group healing with every issue.
The Youtube channel offers mini courses to empower self healing, through both experience and understanding.

Is it useful to watch your YouTube healing videos more than once?

Yes. Many people have said that they watched that section in the Buddha in the Gas Pump interview several times and just keep getting one layer after another of healing. The same goes for personal consultations. People sometimes record them and listen again and again, gleaning more and more useful information.

I feel resentful about some of my ancestors and I know this is not good. Can they or my attitude toward them be helped?

My experience with hereditary concerns is that our DNA is the blueprint of the intelligence and presence of our ancestors. Since energy work is not bound in time and space, it is just as easy to heal the ancestors as it is to heal a person currently in body. In fact, some of them are in new bodies, which only adds to the richness of the healing experience. Once we do this together, you will feel so much more comfortable doing this work for yourself. You can start using the Heartbeam technique from my website with your ancestors.

Additional comments

Dear Dorothy, Your love – Love itself – exudes through your written words. I hope my emails to others will soon be the same, as, after all, we are all the same Love. Thanks for your guiding comments about healings and having an intention while also letting go so the magic can happen. Amen! It was also very beneficial to read that from ‘your perspective’ of the healing, many things are happening at once, and you can only address a minute part of them. Also it’s so incredible that you acknowledge it is a privilege that I’m part of your process. There aren’t many teachers-healers who readily mention that. ~MVM, USA

Dorothy: Well said! We are all the same Love. Realizing (as in, making it real) the Love is integral to the energy healing process. Living that love. You certainly are doing that. The brilliance of your Being shines through every word. The important thing is not that I know it, but that you do. Everyone sees through their own glasses. We can’t expect everyone to see the truth of our inner reality. On some level every soul knows it, but their ability to appreciate is based on the degree to which they are living that Love.

The reason I feel SO fortunate to be in this position at this moment is based on a principle from the Vedas, which states that, “He who is awake inside, the Richas (impulses of creative intelligence) seek him out.” It is not that I am more wise than you or anyone. It is that your inner light is drawing brilliance out of me. For me this is an amazing experience that I wouldn’t be having if it weren’t for you. LOL. So, we are God godding with God!

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