Surgery Support

Surgery Support Energy Healing Service

For Your Smoothest Surgery Experience

If I am with you remotely for an hour during the surgery, plus all of the services below: $400.00 . Please email me at to find out whether I will be available at the time of your surgery for this service before ordering this option.

All of the services below without remote attention during surgery: $250.00

Before the Surgery:

For You:

In the days prior to the surgery, all tissues of the body are prepared for the surgery experience:

  • The circulatory, lymph, and eliminative systems are cleared of energetic obstructions so that the body can gracefully eliminate all medications received during the surgery experience.
  • From organ systems, to tissues, cells, sub cellular structures, etc. through to the quantum level of the body the tissues affected are cleared of all discordant feelings related to the oncoming event.
  • All tissues involved receive special light medicines, made by your own Divine intelligence, which create stability, grace, and an inner strength, to support better maintenance through the procedure and recovery afterwards.

For Your Support Staff:

  • All hospital personnel who will be helping you through your surgery experience are blessed.
  • The connections between their individual selves and their Universal Divine reality is smoothed and cleared as much as possible.
  • Their astral bodies are checked and upgraded to be clear of infections.
  • Their relationships between their causal body (the seat of karma) and yours is cleared of discordant energies, to support maximum harmony.

For the Facility:

  • A mini locational healing is performed for the hospital itself.
  • All rooms where you will be are established with a light matrix for maximum orderliness
  • Cleanliness factors are checked down to the microbiome, and the whole place is cleared of discordant feelings, remnants of trauma, impressions, and old energies.
  • The Mother of the Universe is asked to attend to all hospital inhabitants with extra loving attention so that everyone feels safe and protected during your stay.

During the Surgery:

For You:

  • Your Celestial Healing Collective is called upon to be fully present during the surgery itself.
  • You are showered in light frequencies which protect, sooth, and support maximum efficiency and success of the procedure.
  • Communication between the conscious mind and heart are opened to reveal the full cosmic implications of this life transforming experience.

For the Staff:

  • Your Celestial Healing Collective comes forward to work through the hearts, minds and bodies of the surgeons, nurses, and support staff.
  • Their Sacred Cords are fully grounded.
  • The grace of the Mother of the Universe is with them to awaken their highest intelligence and skill while working with your body.

After the Surgery:

You will receive 10 days of Distance Energy Work sessions to engage your maximum healing potential, to support fastest recovery, and fullest inner awakening to the cosmic implications of your transformation during the days of recovery.