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Heartbeam Emotional Healing Procedure

Heartbeam Procedure for Emotional Healing

The Heartbeam Procedure for Emotional Healing is especially useful for individuals dealing with depression or other forms of internal anxiety. However, it is equally effective in manifesting specific results in the relative field of life.

Here is the Heartbeam Procedure:

  1. Turn awareness back on to the Self, your self. Relax. Whatever is the trouble or bothering you, the first thing to do is step back into the witnessing space of your inner reality.
  2. Allow the issue at hand to fall into your awareness. Receive it. This is a visceral experience of allowing the concern or desire to come without judgement, expectations or attachments. It comes to the heart as energy flowing in. Like a loving parent, we just accept it.
  3. The heart transforms everything to love. The more we receive the more love is experienced.
  4. The heart will feel more and more full. When the fullness is ready to overflow, use intention to allow the love to flow back to its source, which is ultimately is God. You may experience the love flowing to the area that was causing the concern.

To My Readers:

Since everything that exists is an expression of the intelligence of cosmic life, there is nothing that is not associated with God in some way or another. Everything is holy, everything is sacred in its own way. What happens during healing? The original situation becomes reduced to its simplest form, pure energy. That energy is then transformed to the shape that most closely resembles the Divine, then merges back with the Divine. This Heartbeam Procedure cleanses whatever it touches. It is also simple and free. It is given in such a way that you have the autonomy to develop it in anyway that suits you.

All blessings and love to you, that you may use this Heartbeam Procedure for all good and that the gift that you give with your love returns to you a million fold.

Heartfelt thanks to Bruce Wayne Grady for developing this process and blessing the world by sharing it.

Love and gratitude,


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