Mission Statement

Rowe and Associates, Inc. (Distance Energy Work)

Mission Statement

Rowe and Associates/Distance Energy Work is dedicated to offering services and products which serve all people in the pursuit of their true life’s goals. Our offerings support physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual evolution. We provide online and in-person services and materials designed to awaken independent growth, autonomous mastery over the healing and evolutionary processes, and the full blossoming of individual potential.

At this time, Rowe and Associates, Inc.’s primary offerings are in the field of energy healing. Our long-term mission is to expand our offerings to help as many people as possible.

A personal healthy routine for ourselves and all of our employees is the foundation for providing the highest possible value to our customers. Therefore, we hereby dedicate ourselves to taking the best possible care of our bodies, minds, and hearts, and Being, while creating and maintaining an organization dedicated to the well-being of all.

We aim to develop and provide the highest possible quality of services, 100% customer satisfaction, and true value to everyone who contacts our organization for support on their life’s journey. We dedicate ourselves to running our business with utmost integrity, honesty, and quality.

We look forward to making a real contribution to developing a world in which all people have access to the resources and opportunities which allow them to unfold their full potential as human beings. We serve the intentions of Divine will and cosmic evolution as expressed on Earth at this time. We believe in addressing issues of all kinds, and evolving the skill-sets to transform challenges into opportunities, then leverage those opportunities for the good of all.

Love and gratitude,


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