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DEW Course Two: Healing Yourself

Welcome to Dorothy Rowe’s Second Video Course

The following videos are designed to help you learn how to heal yourself.

The first two videos cover basic techniques, such as learning how to use your hands to heal and how to make light medicine (healing water). The rest of the videos offer tips for improving common request areas. For example, how to improve digestion, mend broken relationships, create wealth, etc.

To complete this DEW course, please watch all the videos below. We’ve included each video’s length, so that you can pace yourself and learn comfortably. You can click on any link in the Table of Contents to go directly to the video.

Enjoy! And by all means, please feel free to contact Dorothy if you have any comments or questions.

Healing With Your Hands (Hand Chakra Activation)

Time: 3:48 minutes

How to Make Light Medicine (Healing Water)

Time: 3:10 minutes

Heartbeam Procedure

Time: 3:45 minutes

How to Love Yourself

Time: 3:29 minutes

Digestive Mastery

Time: 8:38 minutes

Manifesting Wealth by Doing What You Love (Includes Clearing for Heart)

Time: 12:49 minutes

Astral Body and Self-Protection Exercise

Time: 6:36 minutes

How to Heal Relationships that Ended without Resolution

Time: 4:50 minutes

We hope you enjoyed the course. Here’s the link for Course Three: Chakra Workshop.

Lastly, feel free to watch more DEW videos on Dorothy’s YouTube Channel.