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Self-Protection Exercise

Have you ever wondered if there’s an easy, self-protection exercise you can do by yourself, regardless of age or fitness level? Dorothy offers such an exercise and it only takes a few seconds.

Brief explanation

Some of us give so much to others that we let other people benefit overly much from that energy. It’s always good to be good to others, and to give. When you’re giving, you’re experiencing your heart overflowing with love. However, if someone is angry with you, or expecting things from you, or holding judgements about you, that energy can come in at the astral level and block the flow of your energy. We could say, these people “have a hold on you.”

Whenever anyone has a hold on you somehow, there is inevitably a flow-like beam of consciousness flowing out from their physiology into you. These flows come into your back at the points of the chakras and create blockages. The self-protection exercise outlined below (and in the video above) can be used to remove those blockages.

This exercise takes a few seconds to practice, and it makes you feel good too.

Exercise for Self-protection

(Clearing unwanted energies from other people)

1. Sweep your awareness up and down your spine

Picture your body as if you are standing behind yourself. (If you’re not good at picturing things, you can just “feel” – feel your intention or awareness on your back.)

Now gently sweep your awareness up and down your spine. As the awareness sweeps up and down the spine, it sweeps off those cords from other people.

2. Send the cords back with love

People send out these cords even if they’re not spiritually powerful, or even think of themselves as spiritual. It’s just a very spontaneous innocent thing that happens. I also believe a lot of people don’t even realize they are doing it. Because of this, I always send those cords back with love.

3. Put a little love back into the area where the cords were

After you have swept those cords off, it’s very helpful to your physiology to put a little bit of love back there into those chakra points. And kind of love up that area a little bit.

Another thing that really helps is healing the Astral Body. The astral level is where those cords are found. And this is also important for healing the immune system, because there is a very intimate relationship between the immune system and the Astral Body.

Astral Body

Do this self-protection exercise when feel uncomfortable about another person. You can do the exercise as often as you want.

And please, if you are in a dangerous relationship, seek help from trusted individuals.

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