Free Energy Healing Resources

Welcome to our Free Energy Healing Resources page with links to Dorothy’s videos and articles on almost every healing topic imaginable.

Here you can enjoy many of her past webinars as well as her weekly video posts. In addition, you can gain greater insights from her articles, learn self-healing techniques, and sign up for her newsletter. Lastly, you’ll find out how to participate in Dorothy’s Remote Energy Healing Groups.


Energy Healing Videos

Join ~1.5 million viewers who have been appreciating Dorothy Rowe’s Video Channel since 2014. Her video topics range from healing your specific conditions and situations to improving environmental and global conditions.

Additionally, here you can discover some of Dorothy’s most popular Interviews and Discussions.

Want to go deeper? Dorothy offers free online energy healing courses you can view at any time. Listed below are three free video courses you can choose from and watch at any time:

  • and enjoy deeper understanding and healings from her Chakra Workshop (7 videos)

Energy Healing Knowledge Base

If you can’t find what you are looking for in our Search option, you’ll probably find it in the Knowledge Base.

Dorothy has compiled a vast knowledge base of articles she’s written on a wide range of energy healing topics. You can search her articles either by topic, or alphabetically by symptom or condition.

Self-healing Exercises

Here are links to Dorothy’s most popular Self-healing exercises. You will find more in the Knowledge Base.

Want more assistance with your healing? Check out the Energy Healing Services page for Dorothy’s paid services. She offers personal consultations, remote group healings, monthly webinars and more.

Healings Activated as You Read or Listen

Click here to read or listen to actual healings.

These healings become activated as you read or listen to them. Even though Dorothy performed the healing at one point in time, anyone can benefit from it at a later date. This is because energy healing takes place outside the constraints of space and time. As a result, you can enjoy the benefits too.

Distance Energy Healing Group Schedules

In addition to her private consultations, Dorothy offers two options for group energy healing available through this website.

Click here to learn more about Dorothy’s Healing Group Schedules.


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