Energy Healing Webinars with Dorothy Rowe: Health, Relationships, and Manifestation

Energy Healing Webinars with Dorothy Rowe:

Health, Relationships and Manifestation

Dorothy holds live energy healing webinars on health, relationships and manifestation about every three weeks. The cost is $25 for one webinar or $140 for a six-month subscription of eight webinar weeekends. These 1 hour and 15 minute live online seminars use the state-of-the art Zoom videoconferencing platform. Dorothy’s energy healing webinars include personal healings and energetic transformations for participants along with an explanation of the mechanics behind the process. Dorothy always includes time for questions and answers. Join Dorothy to explore the fascinating laws which govern the process of creating from consciousness alone. Free example on YouTube  Bonus:  Earn five free distance energy work sessions after purchasing five live webinars, or ten free distance energy work sessions by participating in the Webinar Subscription Program (see the bottom of this page).

Dorothy Rowe’s Upcoming Live Energy Healing Webinar Schedule


Healing the Inner Healer

“Doctor heal thyself.” Here is the Divine Dialogue exemplified. Consciousness curves into its own nature to promote Self-expansion. This Self-expansion fulfills the fundamental cosmic intention for human existence. If we apply this simple process, accessible to everyone, to our own healing capabilities, the result is a spontaneous, natural upgrade to self-heal through energy work.

Everyone has an infinite potential to self-heal. However, when the self-healing process malfunctions, then hope of using that potential diminishes. What are the basic requirements to keep the self-healing mechanisms in optimal condition? What can be done to upgrade personal self-healing abilities to their fullest potential? Exactly how do we extend the self healing process to others? These are the questions which we will be exploring in this webinar. The very act of understanding the mechanics of self-healing to the greatest degree possible is itself the act of consciousness curving into its own nature. This is knowledge expanding.

Our webinars are about experience and understanding, with the principle emphasis on experience. Each participant understands his or her experience in a unique way. So, the most important thing is to have the healing experience. This webinar will focus on the experience of healing our ability to heal. Through this we will redefine what it means to live in a body which moves with grace through life’s changes. We want a physiology which maintains balance regardless of exposure to opposing elements and which doesn’t even fall ill in the first place.

Beyond that, we want to live in a body which experience the light of bliss, universal joy, even to the smallest portion, all the time. Through through process of redefining ourselves through energy work we will achieve this vision and understand ever more profoundly the “how” and “why” of this process.

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Clearing Karmic Blocks for Manifesting

Perfect manifesting ability is the potential of absolutely everyone. However, all of us have had the experience of being uncertain just how to make a dream come true. The continuum from nonexistence to concrete expression is smoothed by removing energies which conflict with the evolutionary process. The same area of our being which fuels our creative powers also has a habit of recoiling low vibrations or dark feelings. However, sometimes it is the very intense energy of the darker side of self, which adds power to intention. The trick is to wield the intensity while remaining in perfect alignment with dharma. This combination is deeply powerful and has been understood in our world, up until now, by the select few.

It will be very valuable understand the protocol for combining all aspects of self (dark, light, neutral) into a coherent whole, which is solely dedicated to the highest good, the purest path of evolution for everyone and everything, everywhere. Then move that fullness of self to bring intention to fruition with grace and lightening speed. This is a great field of exploration, which has so much potential to enrich life on every level. I am very excited to examine this topic with all of you, and enjoy the richness of understanding and experience which comes from our collective discovery.

We can review the mechanics of disarming and transforming karma as well. I consider this ability basic to the energy healing process. Therefore valuable for all of us to understand clearly.

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Healing Relationships

The principle of relationship ranges from the Divine Being to the most dense level of manifestation. Mostly our concern as humans is our relationship with other people. The unfolding of our relationships with others is based upon the relationship which we maintain with our self, which is in turn based upon our relationship with our Source. Our relationship with our Source is an expression of The Source’s relationship with Itself. So, everything comes back to Divinity self interacting to create every experience.

Since nothing in the relative field stays the same, and everything in the field of Being always stays the same, we have a context in which to transform unhealthy, dysfunctional relationships into life enriching, nourishing relationships. The downloads and healings in this webinar will aim at bringing the infinitely nourishing capacity of self interacting Divinity into all relative relationships. Through energy healing we are raising ourselves to be perfect conduits for Divine expression. Likewise, through energy healing, we can extend that premise to include the relationships which we share with others.

This webinar explores the fascinating dynamics of shared consciousness between individuals and groups. Since one of the most interesting things about the webinars is that we are leveraging power of our collective healing potential to make sincerely valuable contributions to all life within the context of our time, it is my hope that this webinar will reveal even deeper mechanics of this process so that we can become even more effective in our work.

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What is an Energy Healing Webinar?

Energy healing webinars combine the immediacy and low cost of Distance Energy Work sessions with the lively interaction of private consultations. Each webinar has lots of personal healing and energy transformations along with an explanation of the mechanics behind the process. Question and answer time is always included. We will collectively go deeply into the fascinating laws which govern the process of creating from consciousness alone.

During live energy healing webinars, Dorothy answers as many questions as possible. Dorothy also conducts group energy healings for the participants. You will receive a confirmation email letting you know how to connect to the webinar within 24 hours of registration or sooner if you register during the last 24 hours. Please register for the webinar early. Registrations made in the last thirty minutes before the webinar may result in a delay in accessing the webinar.

The $25 fee Is per webinar or $140 for a six-month subscription of eight webinars. Cost is per location, rather than per participant, so feel free to invite your family and  friends to watch with you. Each webinar purchase includes recordings provided after the webinar. You will receive access to recordings of both the Friday and Saturday sessions if you sign up for either the Friday or Saturday webinar.


Bonus: Free Distance Energy Work Sessions

Earn five free Distance Energy Work Sessions after purchasing five webinars. When you have purchased five webinars, I will send you an email with instructions on how to redeem this offer. If you order a subscription of eight webinars, you will receive ten free Distance Energy Work Sessions instead of eight.

May these Distance Energy Work sessions help accelerate your progress toward ideal health, happiness and well-being in all areas. There is no expiration date for this offer. You can decide when you would like the sessions to begin and what concerns the sessions should address.


More Information about the Webinar Subscription Program

If you would like to join me for these live energy healing webinar events consistently, here is an opportunity to have the convenience of automatically being signed up for webinars for every webinar offered during the next six months—a total of eight webinar weekends—and get a substantial discount in cost. Here is what you get:

  1. Links to all webinars as soon as they are scheduled for the next six months. Webinars are held approximately every third weekend.
  2. Access to both Friday and Saturday webinars on each of these webinar weekends.. The topics are usually the same on Friday and Saturday but the content is always somewhat different.
  3. Within 48 hours of the webinars, you will receive private links to recordings of these webinars in case you happen to miss the live version or want to review the session.
  4.  You will also receive ten free Distance Energy Work sessions (instead of eight) for the eight subscription webinars, as described in the “Free Distance Energy Work Sessions” section above.

Thank you for your ongoing support of my work!

Tons of love, always,