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DEW Course One: Energy Healing Fundamentals

Energy Work Fundamentals

DEW Course One is a short video course on energy healing fundamentals. In this course, we explore the mechanics of the healing process and what lies beneath the physical realm. We also look at how imbalances impact our life, our energies and other people.

This course offers both insightful and practical information. And many of the lessons offer viewers healings. As a result, you will get to enjoy both knowledge and experience of the fundamentals of energy healing. Feel free to watch any of these lessons, any time. And come back as often as you’d like.

To complete the course, please watch all the videos below. We’ve included the time length of each one so you can pace yourself and learn comfortably.

if you have any comments or questions on this Fundamentals of Energy Healing course, feel free to contact Dorothy . And if you would like assistance with your own healing (or another’s), she offers Distance Healing Sessions and Personal Energy Healing Consultations.

Lesson 1: What is Energy Healing?

Time: 13:06 minutes

Lesson 2: Underneath the Physical: our seven subtle bodies

Time: 17:34 minutes

Lesson 3: Mechanics of the Healing Process

Time: 5:26 minutes

Lesson 4: Healing Imbalances

Time: 1:45 minutes

Lesson 5: Channels of Communication

Time: 3:38 minutes

Lesson 6: Healing Energies

Time: 5:14 minutes

Lesson 7: Help From the Divine Realms

Time: 5:22 minutes

We hope you enjoyed the course. Here’s the link for Course Two: Healing Yourself.

And feel free to visit my YouTube Channel for more healing videos.