Healings on Location

Time Portal at Cahokia Mounds

Healings for Detroit 1 of 3: Detroit River and Belle Isle

Healings for Detroit 2 of 3: Mack Avenue in Detroit

Healings for Detroit 3 of 3: Detroit School System

Light Energy Healing at Pacific Ocean, Leucadia, California

Healing at the Pacific Ocean for Our Ancestors

Healing for the Pacific Ocean, Endocrine and Circulatory Systems

Mississippi River Healing Includes Cleansing of Cord of Light

Healing by Lake Michigan: Opening Meridian Structures for Viewers & the Earth

Healing for the City of Chicago

Healing at Niagara Falls #1

Healing at Niagara Falls #2

Healing at Niagara Falls #3

Healing at Lake Michigan: Forgiveness and Release of Grief and Fear

Healing at Lake Superior: Includes Clearing of Discordant Feelings & Miasms

Healing at Lake Huron: Activation of Self-Love for Viewers & Ancestors

Healing at Lake Erie to Align Human Activity with Celestial

Healing at Lake Ontario: Cosmic Activation for Expressions of Love

Energy Work: Lilac Healing Session

Sunset Healing on the Iowa Prairie