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Welcome to Dorothy Rowe’s Media Kit

Byline Biography:

Dorothy Rowe uses her lifelong ability to see the subtle strata of creation to help others navigate the ocean of consciousness. Through access to understanding, self healing becomes not only possible, but effortless. Genuine healing is in the hands of the Divine Source of creation. The goal of her offerings is to enable everyone to develop as their own best healer.

70% to 80% of Dorothy’s offerings are free online through her website and YouTube. She also offers live webinars, workshops, remote healing sessions, and private in-person sessions. https://www.distanceenergywork.com/

Full Biography:

Dorothy Rowe has offered her whole life to supporting the creation of Heaven on Earth. She learned meditation in her mid-teens and became a meditation teacher 10 years later. She has been helping people heal during the dream and sleep state since the early 1980’s. Dorothy was called to offer her support to those suffering from various problems in 2010 after curing herself of her own “incurable” illnesses. She uses refined perception, intuition, and Vedic wisdom to help others awaken to the healing potential within them. 

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for his lifetime. — Italian proverb.”

Dorothy’s perception of the subtle strata of manifestation allows her to report extraordinary details of the healing transformation, or energy work, to her clients. This provides them with the perspective required to raise understanding of the laws of Nature that orchestrate the healing process. As one gains facility with the laws of Nature, befriending them, the process of healing gains momentum and stability.

Dorothy currently offers private consultations by phone and Skype, monthly webinars and remote healing sessions through her website www.distanceenergywork.com  The website offers many free resources on energy healing. Dorothy also has a popular YouTube channel, Distance Energy Work, where she uploads free healings and lessons on self-healing every week.

Press Release

Dorothy Rowe: Empowering the Healer Within

Anyone can awaken their inner healer through energy work,” says Dorothy Rowe, a highly-skilled energy healer who offers a systematic understanding of our inner landscape and practical procedures for enlivening our own healing mechanisms. Dorothy believes, “Self-mastery over all aspects of life is the birthright of every person. Now is the time for all people to awaken to their innate potential to govern the manifestation process and begin to live the life they have always known was possible.”

Dorothy especially enjoys working with spiritually-oriented independent thinkers looking for sustainable, autonomous solutions for their concerns. For those willing to take possession of this knowledge, energy work has a lot to offer. Dorothy’s clients range from young adults to seniors. Dorothy makes no claims to be the healer herself. She insists that she “is just a witness to the healing transformations.” Dorothy says the real healers are God, our own higher self and our angelic helpers in the celestial realms.

Dorothy says her work aims at deepening and expanding each person’s view of their own being and potential as “a multidimensional entity in an infinitely expanding creation.” Her clients learn how to direct their attention to produce the results they desire for their health, relationships and individual growth.

Dorothy’s goal is to help as many people as possible enhance their experience of life and become self-sustaining and self-sufficient masters of their own healing process.

Here are Dorothy’s free offerings:

Four paid services:

  • Private consultations – $250 for a one-hour private session or $350 for a ninety-minute private session, on Zoom. For a less expensive option, please consider Dorothy’s distance healing sessions, which could start within two or three days.
  • Live webinars – one hour and 15 minutes, live interactive healings, training to self heal. Offered as a pair of sessions every 3 weeks. $25/session/location or just $8/location through the subscription program. The subscription program includes a bonus of 10 free distance healings.
  • Distance healing sessions – These are done in silence, followed by an email report and recording. About $10 each, these can start right away.
  • 11 Lesson workshop – This offering provides a complete picture of energy healing from an experiential perspective. The goal of the workshop is to take the mystery out of energy healing while giving you the key to the magic. The price is $750/person. However, a friend or family member can join for an additional $100. The next session starts in the fall of 2023.

Possible Interview Questions

What is Energy Healing?

What happens in a distance healing session?

What do you do in a personal consultation?

Can anyone heal themselves?

What are the differences between your work and traditional wellness practices?

How did you get into energy healing?

What is your training?

What can a person expect from energy work?

How do you address ancestral work and transforming DNA?

How would you describe the human physiology from the perspective of energy healing?

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