Interviews and Discussions

Interviews and Discussions about Energy Healing, Health, Spirituality, and Awakening.

Perspectives on Awakening with David Buckland, Andrew Hewson, and Dorothy Rowe

David Buckland, Andrew Hewson, and Dorothy Rowe discuss the process of awakening – gaining higher states of consciousness.

David “Davidya” Buckland is a blogger and author who explores spiritual unfolding. His book, Our Natural Potential, describes the stages of enlightenment. This includes the underlying process and common subjective variations. Website and YouTube channel

Andrew Hewson is a contemporary spiritual teacher whose focus is on the realization of the Presence of Divinity as one’s fundamental Source and Self. The basics of his work can be found on his Website and YouTube channel

Dorothy Rowe’s Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

Rick Archer of The Buddha at the Gas Pump interviewed Dorothy about the experiences which propelled Dorothy to start energy healing.


Dorothy’s Conversation with Tricia Barker

Tricia Barker interviews Dorothy about consciousness, life, the evolution of the soul, and energy healing.