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Dorothy Rowe’s Interviews

Below are interviews of Dorothy Rowe by Rick Archer and Tricia Barker.

Dorothy Rowe’s Interview on Buddha at the Gas Pump

(Time: 2:19:38)

Rick Archer interviews Dorothy about the experiences that propelled her to start energy healing.

Buddha at the Gas Pump (BATGAP non-profit) was created in order to dispel skepticism and misconceptions about spiritual awakenings. Since it’s conception in 2009, host Rick Archer has conducted over 500 BATGAP interviews with individuals who’ve experienced awakening. (Or if not personally awakened, have contributed significantly to the understanding of spiritual awakenings through their research.) Visit the BATGAP website here.

Dorothy’s Conversation with Tricia Barker

(Time: 1:38:58)

Tricia Barker interviews Dorothy on consciousness, life, evolution of the soul, and energy healing.

Tricia Barker experienced a life-changing, near-death experience during her senior year of college. Since then she has been featured in two documentaries, published several articles in well know periodicals and a book Angels in the OR. She also hosts a YouTube channel where she interviews healers, spiritual teachers, researchers and other near-death experiencers. You can visit Tricia’s YouTube channel here.

Be sure to check out more videos and articles on Dorothy’s YouTube Channel and Knowledge Base.