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Orientation to Energy Healing

Basic Information

What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing: Attention for Balance and Optimal Health

Energy Healing FAQs

Deeper Understanding

Our Four Dense Bodies

Our Four Subtle Bodies

Energy Work: Evolutionary Transformational Healing

Healing Space: How to Create for Ourselves

Paradigm: Shifting Our Understanding of the Healing Process

Paradigm Wheel: Transforming the Foundations of Health

Healing Specific Physical Conditions




Digestion and the Digestive System

Fungal Infections

Heart: the Structure that Promotes the Flow of Bliss

Heart Support: Ayurvedic Oil Therapy



Immune System


Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)


Kidneys and the Renal System


Mouth and Teeth

Multiple Sclerosis


Respiratory System

Shoulders, Arms, and Wrists

Teeth and Gums


Healing Specific Life Issues




Congenital Imbalances: Imbalances Inherited from Ancestors

Death: Process of Adjustment

Depression: Healing Depression with Energy Healing

Emotional Healing

Insomnia: Simple Techniques to Sleep Well

Judgment: Don’t Waste Your Time Judging Others

Karma: Action for which We are Responsible

Manifesting Wealth by Doing What You Love

Self-Love: How to Love Yourself

Sleep: Purification and Spiritual Practice

Vicious Cycles: Non-Life Supporting Patterns of Thinking and Action

Weight Loss: Energy Healing for Weight Management

Additional Energy Healing Tools and Terms


Healings Activated As You Read Them

Abhyanga: Ayurvedic Detox and Rejuvenation Technique

Digestive Mastery Protocol: Loving Your Microbiome for Better Health

Ghee: Clarified Butter, A Multipurpose Oil


112 Point Matrix: The Shiva Matrix

Axes of Consciousness: Points of Reference for Navigating the Ocean of Consciousness

Causal Medicine: Light Medicines Produced by the Causal Body

Debts of Karma that Can Be Changed

Dharma: Indomitable Force of Nature

Discriminating Choices: Decisions With an Unclear Path

Divine Dialogue: the Process of Energy Healing

Ego: Raising Individual Ego to Cosmic Ego

Electronic Belt: Record of all the Laws of Nature

Energy Healing Algorithm and How to Use It

Energy Healing Matrices: Using the Power of the Flow of Consciousness to Heal

Flow of Consciousness: Engaging the Power of Creation

Healing for Balance: Looking at the Darkness and Asking the Big Questions

Ho’oponopono: Reconciliation and Forgiveness

Light Medicine: Creating Healthy Energy Frequencies

Morphic Fields: Very Subtle Structures that Act As Filters

Navaswan: Soft Wind that Wakens and Warms the Earth

Receiving Divine Guidance

Shiva Matrix: 112 Point Matrix

Small Self: Individuality of the Self

Solar Eclipse: Making the Most of It

Speech: Capturing the Spirit of Divine Intention

Superconscious: Multidimensional Structure of Our Selves

Tarpanum: Ancient Vedic Offering of Homage to the Pitris

Three M’s: Morphic Fields, Morphic Resonance, and Subtle Matter Morphic Fields

Vortex: A Naturally Occurring, Vibrant Earth Energy Center

Additional Knowledge (Advanced)

Physiological Systems, Structures, etc.

Amygdala: Part of Brain’s Limbic System, Registering the Experience of Pain

Cortical Structures: the Cerebral Cortex

Hypothalamus: the Part of the Brain Mainly Concerned with Homeostasis

Limbic System: Brain Structure that Supports Emotional Life

Microbiomes: Microorganisms in a Particular Environment

Mitochondria: Principal Energy Source of Cells

Neurochemicals: Pathways to Self-Healing

Nucleus Accumbens: Pleasure Center of the Brain

Oxytocin: the Cuddle Hormone or Love Hormone

Parasympathetic Nervous System Activation

Pineal Gland (Ajna Chakra): Sixth Chakra, the Third Eye, Creating the Perfect State of Being 

Pituitary Gland: Overseer of the Endocrine System

Prefrontal Cortex: Executive Function of the Brain

Sensory Cortex: Purification and Restructuring Neural Pathways

Serotonin: Primary Hormone Produced by the Pineal Gland

Thymus: Main Administrator of the Immune System

Finer than the Physical

Subtler layers of our body

Auric Field: Energy Field Around the Chakras and Body

Body Blueprint: Original Energetic Pattern for the Body

Emotional Body: Bridge between our Dense and Subtle Bodies

Etheric Body: The Bridge Between Ideas and Form

Mental Body: Healing Through Consciousness

Chakras and Maha Marmas

Chakra Overview: Energy Organs or Energy Centers in the Body

Root Chakra (Muladhara): 1st Chakra, Base Chakra, Ancient Earth Energy

Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana): 2nd Chakra, Expansive, Creative Energy

Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura): 3rd Chakra, Energy of the Sun

Heart Chakra (Anahata): 4th Chakra

Throat Chakra (Vishuddha): 5th Chakra Expression, Motivation and Truth

Forehead Chakra (Ajna): 6th chakra, Located in the Head at the Pineal Gland

Crown Chakra (Sahasrara): 7th Chakra–Access Point for Celestial Energies

Hand Chakras, Healing Energy Centers in the Palms of Our Hands

Maha Marmas: the Three Major Energy Centers for Healing

Subtle Bodies and Realms: Astral and Causal 

Agni: Lord of Fire, the Primordial Fire of Creation

Ancestral Archive: Collected Energies of the Ancestors Found in Consciousness

Angelic Energy: Manifestation of Our Future Self

Astral Body: Densest of the Four Subtle Levels of Manifest Self

Birther of the Multiverse: Mother Divine, Source of Creation

Body Elemental: Intelligence Responsible for Physical Functions

Causal Body: Seat of Human Potential

Celestial Body: First Manifestation of Being in the Creation

Collective Body: Subtle Level of Manifest Self, infinite in nature

Cord of Light: Subtle Structure In The Mind/Body System

Devas: Structuring Intelligence of Nature

Earth Deva: Nature Spirit

Energy Resonation: Vibrational Shift in the Energy Patterns of Humanity

Family Treasury: Energetic Signature of Ancestors’ Lives

Guru: Divine Teacher, Ultimate Knower of Reality

Ketu and Rahu: Intense Points of Influence in Our Lives

Mother Gaia: Primal Earth Mother

Nagas: Ancient Beings, Our Body Devatas

Narasimha: the Fourth Avatar of Vishnu, the Protector God

Prana: Vital Energy or Life Force

Quantum Level: Restructuring the Physiology

Rahu and Ketu: Intense Points of Influence in Our Lives

Sacred Gardens of the Heart: Spaces in Subtle Realms of Creation

Soma: Finest Product of Digestion

Subtle Realms of Creation: Energy Signatures from Dark to Light

The Source of Creation and Its First Manifestations

Big Self: God Presence, the Quality of Divine Being

Brahman: Energy Responsible for Creating the Universe

Divine Being: All That Is and Ever Could Be

Narayana: Vishnu—the Sustainer of the Universe

Pure Being: State of Pure Existence

Totality: Undifferentiated Wholeness of Consciousness

Unified Field: Atman, or Pure Consciousness