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Paradigm Wheel: Foundations of Health


The Paradigm Wheel and Energy Healing

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Moving through the Paradigm Wheel:

A paradigm is a model, a way of perceiving something. So a new paradigm means a shift in how we see, relate to and act upon our world.

Energy is about focusing the attention intelligently in order to locate the seeds of an imbalance or illness. And then transform them into greater balance and wholeness. The paradigm wheel is a great tool for energy healing because it provides a navigational map of locations where the seed of an illness or imbalance can be identified.

Because the seeds of imbalance or illness tend to reside at more subtle or abstract levels it means the seeds are in places that are more malleable. And attention is often all that is needed for the healing to take place.

Therefore, the principle is to expand any of the six principles in the paradigm wheel (explained below) in order to allow healing to take place. Attention is the key, and we are all experts in offering attention. Thus, I offer this guide to help in discriminating where attention should be focused in order for healing to take place.

So here is how the paradigm wheel works:

The Energy Healing Process: 

Attention is directed to areas which underlie behavior and response. The feelings which underlie experience can be modified through the application of intelligence.  Frequently, the transformation begins in the area of belief– a cog in the paradigm wheel. So we’ll start there.

paradigm wheel

Belief: Belief organizes life’s meaning. It is the scaffolding upon which we sort and categorize experience. And it allows us to prioritize values of importance. 

Attention: At first glance attention appears to moves spontaneously. However, the ‘spontaneous’ move of attention follows the belief in what is important—that which is valuable, blissful, charming, life supporting, etc.

Perception: Perception follows attention. Attention is subtler than sensory perception. Where attention flows, perception goes. Perception is the filtration of attention through the nervous system. Principally, this happens through the five senses. The potential of our senses of perception is quite broad. It ranges from the physical, material level all the way to the Source of sense itself. 

Experience: Without perception, experience cannot be. Even the experience of non-dual reality (qualitiless Source) is still processed through the nervous system, and therefore perceived. 

We can think of experience in two ways:

  1. As pure experience, which is very close to pure perception—just the innocent awareness of life, the experience before thought. 
  2. Or, we can think of experience as the byproduct or interpretation of perception, as in ‘gaining experience.’ 

Impression: Perception innocently comes and goes. Experience sticks. It is the stickiness of experience which leads to impressions and memories. These in turn lead to analysis and synthesis. 

Analysis and Synthesis: Analysis and synthesis of experience are the building blocks of belief. Here we have come full circle. Analysis is the interpretation of experience from the subtler levels to the denser levels of thinking. Synthesis is essentially integration of experience, from the denser levels to the subtler. 

How Does Energy Healing Affect This Cycle?

In energy healing, attention can be directed to any point in this cycle. Illness indicates a problem within the cycle somewhere. The ‘problem’ can be seen as the full human potential not expressed.

‘Full potential’ means Source (completion, wholeness, totality) manifested. Because the Source of creation is qualitiless, and manifestation (as perceived through the senses) requires quality, we have a paradox. 

Overcoming the Paradox

Our human mind is wired (belief) to consider paradoxes important because they signal the potential for expansion and evolution of consciousness. 

This particular paradox is at an intellectual level only. Therefore, it can be solved by transcending the intellect. At the finest level of functioning, awareness can fathom qualitiless Source. We can know That. We can directly bypass the gross senses and know Being directly. 

In conclusion, attention can focus on any of the areas outlined in the Paradigm Wheel. Starting from that point, awareness takes recourse to Source and because the Source of creation is complete, this simple action brings resolution to the corruption which resides within the wheel.

The light of Wholeness shines on what ever incompletion is present in the system, and fills in the missing parts.

So this is how energy healing works. 

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