Karma: Action for which We Are Responsible

Karma Reflects Past Action All of our thoughts, words and deeds leave us and travel out into the cosmos. The effect of those actions inevitably return as positive, neutral, or negative karma. The speed of this return is based upon the distance that the karma travels. First it reflects off of objects close to you. … Read more

Karmic: Debts of Karma that Can Be Changed

3 pond lilies blossom like karma blossoms from our past actions.

‘Karmic’ refers to debts of karma—life situations that manifest as good or bad fortune as the result of past actions. Karma is taken on in association with a Karmic board, a collective of beautiful and powerful individuals who determine everyone’s karma. Everyone spends some time with that Board in choosing to take on certain karmas … Read more

Kidney Energy Healing

Energy Healing, Kidneys and the Renal System How does energy healing view kidneys? As we do when considering any part of the body, we have to consider their function in terms of Totality and the process by which Totality–Unmanifest Being–manifests as form. Kidneys are filters. They are constantly discriminating and regulating. The kidneys are experts … Read more