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Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana): The Second Chakra

Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra: Expansive, Creative Energy The sacral chakra, sometimes called Svadhisthana, is located two inches below the navel and deep in the core of the torso. Its essential nature is expansive, creative energy, thus it is associated with creativity, sexuality and reproduction. The planet associated with the second chakra is Jupiter. A lot of unhealthy … Read more

Sacred Gardens of the Heart: Regions of the Causal Body

What are Sacred Gardens of the Heart? They are regions of the Causal Body that resonate with the light of Pure Being. We know that different rooms in our residence were designed for specific activities. Likewise, spaces made of consciousness exist, that serve specific purposes. They give rise to the laws of nature that make … Read more

Self-Love: How to Heal Your Own Relationship

Self-Love—How to Love Yourself Exercise and Videos The following videos describe a simple effective exercise which will allow you to grow into the ability of self-love (the ability to love yourself). Furthermore, the ability to self-accept, self-validate, self-protect, understand, appreciate and forgive is at the basis of self-healing. Here is the process: 1. First, sit … Read more

Serotonin: Hormone Produced by the Pineal Gland

Definition Serotonin is one of the three primary hormones produced by the pineal gland. (The other two are Melatonin and dimethyltryptamine (DMT). Serotonin is that very lovely hormone that gives us that nice, floaty feeling, that feeling of comfort and ease all over the entire physiology. Melatonin is the number one hormone that makes us … Read more

Shoulders, Arms, and Wrists

Home Healing Practice for Shoulders, Arms, and Wrists First, before I share the healings for shoulders, arms and wrists, here is an energy view of their role in our lives. We manipulate the physical world with our words and our hands. Our shoulders are the first extension of this energy center and are our platform … Read more

Solar Eclipse: Making the Most of It

Both the solar and lunar eclipses are considered inauspicious. However, even the most inauspicious experience can be reborn as sacred when illuminated by the light of Divine Self. What in creation is not made by the hand of God? The Vedic idea of the eclipse is that it is inauspicious. Thus during the eclipse, advice … Read more

Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura): The Third Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra: Energy of the Sun The third chakra, often referred to as the solar plexus or Manipura chakra, is located in the stomach area where the ribs meet the belly. In other words, it is about two inches above the navel, and deep within. This chakra is located a little more to the … Read more

Soma: Finest Product of Digestion

The finest product of digestion nourishes healing potential Soma is the finest product of digestion. It is sometimes described as a liquid light flowing through the body. But more importantly, it gets created from the complete assimilation of food in humans who are living higher states of consciousness. But actually, it works in a circular … Read more

Speech: Capturing the Spirit of Divine Intention

Using Speech to Capture the Spirit of Divine Intention Never underestimate the power of your ability to speak truth. You know a thousand people, and they know a thousand people and so forth. Any one of us is just two people away from a million others. Thus, our speech, our every verbal expression is quite … Read more

Subtle Bodies: The Abstract, Collective Levels of the Body

The Four Subtle Bodies The Subtle Bodies are the four most abstract levels of the body. These levels of the body are collective in nature, and exist outside the constraints of space and time.  The subtle bodies are, from subtle to dense: It is important to note that the range of manifestation of the Self, … Read more

Subtle Realms of Creation: Energy Signatures from Dark to Light

Subtle Realms of Creation Subtle realms of creation, of existence, manifest from the Source of all creation. The Mother of Creation oversees these subtle realms in one single, great, overarching reality. Furthermore, this field of reality is divided and subdivided to the tiniest of spaces. Remarkably, each level of division has specific structures of intelligence … Read more