Self-Love: How to Heal Your Own Relationship

Self-Love—How to Love Yourself Exercise and Videos The following videos describe a simple effective exercise which will allow you to grow into the ability of self-love (the ability to love yourself). Furthermore, the ability to self-accept, self-validate, self-protect, understand, appreciate and forgive is at the basis of self-healing. Here is the process: 1. First, sit … Read more

Sensory Cortex: Restructuring Neural Pathways

Sensory Cortex Definition According to, the sensory cortex is “the region of the cerebral cortex concerned with receiving and interpreting sensory information from various parts of the body.” Additionally, the site offers this medical definition: “The somatic sensory, auditory, visual, and olfactory regions of the cerebral cortex considered as a group.” Energy Healing and … Read more

Serotonin: Hormone Produced by the Pineal Gland

Definition Serotonin is one of the three primary hormones produced by the pineal gland. (The other two are Melatonin and dimethyltryptamine (DMT). Serotonin is that very lovely hormone that gives us that nice, floaty feeling, that feeling of comfort and ease all over the entire physiology. Melatonin is the number one hormone that makes us … Read more