Death: A Process of Adjustment for Everyone

Death is a process of adjustment, both for the departing soul and for loved ones left behind. Since you have lived with your loved one’s physical form vibration in this world for many years, your challenge will be to adjust and rebuild yourself from the physical all the way to the subtlest levels of your … Read more

Devas: the Structuring Intelligence of Nature


Devas are sparks of intelligence in Nature. As such, they maintain both the structure and health of all life forms on this planet. We live in a big Universe, with many variations on the theme of Divinity expressing itself as form. All beings in creation originate from the silent field of Pure Being. Some beings – … Read more

Dharma: Indomitable Force of Nature that Sustains Harmony and Order

Dharma - indomitable force of nature that sustains all good

Dharma is the indomitable force of nature that sustains harmony, order, and all good in the world. In other words, it supports and sustains the evolution of life and discourages all that is opposed to it. Dharma promotes spiritual freedom and worldly prosperity. Living in your Dharma refers to the right way of living, living … Read more

Digestion and the Digestive System: Processing Experience

Digestion and the Digestive System – A Processing Experience General points: Sunlight’s conversion into energy expresses the supreme elegance of Nature’s manifesting process. The foods we eat are Nature’s experience packaged as units of intelligence. Digestion represents our ability to process experiences. Food is converted sunlight When we eat – doesn’t matter whether plant or animal products … Read more

Digestive Mastery Protocol

Loving Your Microbiome for Better Health The Digestive Mastery Protocol is a simple but effective plan which you can use to improve your digestion. Some Facts about Gut Bacteria The number of bacteria living within the body of the average healthy adult human is estimated to outnumber human cells 10 to 1. Because they are much … Read more

Discriminating Choices: Decisions With an Unclear Path

How to Make Decisions When The Path Is Unclear We all want to be good at making wise discriminating choices and making good decisions. Have you ever asked yourself the question: “How do I know what to do when my path is unclear? How can I make the right decision?” It’s a good question, and one … Read more

Divine Being: All That Is and Ever Could Be

Divine Being: All That Is and Ever Could Be

Divine Being—Source, Course and Goal of All Life Divine Being is the Source of Creation as it exists both within us as individuals and within the entire creation. It is Divine because it is absolutely beneficent. Also, because its Nature is unmanifest, it is unbounded, silent, eternal and unchanging. At the point where manifestation of … Read more

Downloads: Receiving Divine Guidance

Pink lotus blossom bursts open a mirrors the natural process of a download giving Divine guidance.

The word Download refers to a natural process of receiving Divine guidance, and vast amounts of information very quickly. Normally our awareness is in the area of the conscious mind. Now, take a moment and switch that awareness over to just the body. When you feel the awareness into the body, first you feel the … Read more