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Digestive Mastery Protocol

Loving Your Microbiome for Better Health

The Digestive Mastery Protocol is a simple but effective plan which you can use to improve your digestion and microbiome.

Some Facts about Gut Bacteria

  • The number of bacteria living within the body of the average healthy adult human is estimated to outnumber human cells 10 to 1.
  • Because they are much smaller than human cells, they account for only about 1 to 2 percent of our body mass (although they do make up about half of our body’s waste.)
  • The human body contains over a thousand different types of bacteria.
  • A single bacteria has an average lifespan of about one and a half to two hours.

The Digestive System and Nervous System

During the earliest stages of embryonic development, the digestive system and the nervous system form as parallel tubes. In our developed bodies, they interact by a system of hundreds of thousands of nerves which connect the gut and the spine.

Pathways of Communication

  • We can think of ourselves as an ecosystem for our bacteria. They have evolved over thousands of years to manipulate us, their ecosystem. They do so through a system of communication which involves the transmission of neurochemicals from their bodies to ours, via the nerves which run between the gut and the spine.
  • From a practical viewpoint, neurochemicals are the physical expressions of the universal language of perception and experience, the language of feeling. The bacteria experience desires, which then translate into neurochemicals. The pathways of communication have long been present, so the flow of information happens automatically.
  • Our gut bacteria produce neurochemicals which signal our central nervous system in a way which makes us feel good, if we do what they want, or they produce toxins, which make us feel uncomfortable, until we modify our behavior to suit their desires. This is a good reason to refrain from blaming yourself for lack of self discipline regarding food choices or other habits.

Digestive Mastery Protocol Healing

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Getting to the Digestive Mastery Protocol Details

  • The Next Point Is Really Important: We have the ability to create neurochemicals to communicate with our gut bacteria. We do this through the very same channels that they have been using to communicate with us all our lives.
  • What You Can Do: You, like all beings large and small as well as subtle and gross, speak the language of feeling. Through feelings and expressions of sensual intelligence we communicate with our bacteria.

Now for the Digestive Mastery Procedure

It has two parts:

1. Love – Sending love to the gut bacteria elicits their receptivity

  • How often do we acknowledge the importance of the role they play in our lives, much less thank them? They value our love, attention and gratitude. This part of the message is formed in the heart.
  • Allow the heart to fill with love, light, appreciation, forgiveness, empathy—whatever feels right to you. We give what we wish to receive. Honor them as God in you, for they are Divine Being. The love is formed in the heart, but permeates the central nervous system.
  • From the spine, the communication will automatically transfer to the gut. This part of the communication process happens spontaneously.
  •  It will be good to allow your attention to follow the flow of the love anyway. It feels good.

2. Wholeness Our Synergistic Relationship

  • It is important to acknowledge that we cannot exist without our microbiome, and they cannot exist without us. For this reason, they must change to support our highest health, immortality and perfection in the physical form.
  • In the end, the perfection of Being is Brahman, totality, complete union with the Divine.
  • For me this is the message that goes with the love, but you may form the vision in a way that expresses your highest intention for yourself. It is not a word, it is a feeling, an experience of one’s perfection in the physical form, of one’s fully enlightened state. This is formed in the head and crown of the body. By intention it is directed to the spine along with the love.

Getting the hang of this Digestive Mastery Protocol could take a minute or so. Because it feels good, you might want to do it longer. As soon as you send love to your gut, you will notice a wave of love returning. After a few times, you will get faster and eventually be able to do it in a matter of seconds. Then you can do it anytime, anywhere, and it will always make you feel wonderful.

The eventual goal is to make love soup, in which your bacteria live happily ever after and reward you with immortality.

Other Benefits

This is a skill. Your bacteria will help you. They want to evolve. They will teach you to perfect your love. The better you love them, the more devotedly they will serve you. They serve by modifying their DNA through reproduction, thus, creating bodies which support your highest health. This is an internal win, win situation.

In developing your Digestive Mastery Protocol you are creating a self-referral loop, which feeds and refines both the digestive system and nervous system. You are also cultivating your own enlightened ecosystem, which acts as a counter-wave to the unhealthy bacteria existing elsewhere. This changes the whole environment—your home, school, work place, etc.

In the same way and in the same language that we speak to our gut bacteria, we speak to God. We are like single cells in the body of God. As you practice, your relationship with God will also refine. Your body becomes an instrument of light and love, communicating this to the entire universe. With the help of your intelligent gut bacteria, deeper understanding of this subtle procedure will dawn with every application.

Wishing you perfection in the body and total unity with the Divine.

Remote Healing

A remote healing specifically for digestion is also offered as a paid service. See Digestive Mastery Healing for more information.


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