Microbiomes: Microorganisms in a Particular Environment

Microbiomes are the microorganisms that inhabit a particular environment, which include the body or any part of the body.

Our personal microbiomes consists of a vast array of microorganisms in our bodies that help us stay alive by protecting us from germs, for example. Also, They break down food to release energy, as well as perform many other essential functions.

Our microbiome also changes over time according to a number of factors. For example, a change in diet can change the gut microbiome which can effect emotional behavior and some brain systems.

We can think of ourselves as an ecosystem for our bacteria. They communicate with us by the transmission of neurochemicals from their bodies to ours. Actually, this transmission is carried through the nerves which run between the gut and the spine.

Furthermore, we have the ability to create neurochemicals to communicate with our gut bacteria. To learn more about the language of feeling and a technique to establish a healthy condition in your digestive system, please visit Digestive Mastery Protocol.


The following video Communicating with Gut Microbiome is an excerpt from a Buddha at the Gas Pump interview. You can see the Full Video in its entirety at https://batgap.com/dorothy-rowe/
Communicating with Gut Microbiome and Creating Better Health