Mahamarmas: Major Energy Centers in the Body

Three huge mountains represent the three maha-marmas working together to provide a stable foundation for the advancement of your life.

Mahamarmas: Bringing The Values of the Three Mahamarmas Together to Support Your Healing in the Highest Way Maha means ‘large’ or ‘great.’ Mahamarmas are the three major marma points of vital life force, or three major energy centers, located as Sthapati (head), Hridaya (heart) and Basti (gut) maha marmas. Marma points are subtle energy points … Read more

Manifesting Wealth by Doing What You Love

Manifesting Wealth by Doing What You Love—Activation for Manifesting Abundance Manifesting Wealth means knowing that Love is the currency of the universe. Every creature, large and small, subtle and gross, responds to our love. God responds to our love. Love is the “real” money. How can we manifest wealth by transmuting love into a commodity … Read more

Matrices: Sacred Geometry ~ The Body’s Scaffolding

Astral body

Energy Healing Matrices What is an Energy Healing Matrix? And what has energy healing to do with an energy healing matrix? Energy healing matrices are sacred geometrical structures that are comprised of threads of consciousness. Consciousness appears as threads, streams, or channels at the astral level of creation. Within the web of life (another name … Read more