Abhyanga: Ayurvedic Detox and Rejuvenation Technique

Abhyanga is an ancient Ayurvedic detox and rejuvenation technique that’s become very popular in recent years. It’s a whole body massage with warm oil, usually pre-medicated with herbs for specific conditions. Traditionally, practitioners use sesame oil. However, for people with sensititivity to heat, olive or coconut oil are good choices. Ayurvedic clinics around the world offer … Read more


Here’s an Energetic Look at Abortion. The soul of a fetus doesn’t enter the body when it is super small. Imagine you had a house under construction. You might check in from time to time to make sure that the building was coming together as planned, but you wouldn’t ‘move-in’ until it was ‘finished’ and … Read more

Agni: Lord of Fire, the Primordial Fire of Creation

Agni – Primordial Light of Creation To understand Agni, we look to the Astral level of creation. We look to where cords of consciousness rule, where the subtle life forms are akin to threads of consciousness – the Nagas. Agni is fundamental to this field. Agni can be located at every level of density in the … Read more

Allergies: Using Allergies to Grow in Wisdom

Beatiful, cool and relaxing blue blossoms of the Columbine flower represent triumph over fear and anger, the cause of allergies..

Using Allergies to Grow in Wisdom Allergies are a combination of fear and anger. Sometimes a natural, benign substance such as pollen is seen by our body as an enemy. This fear in the body can activate an hystemic response from the immune system. The body’s hystemic response is an expression of anger in its … Read more

Amygdala/Amygdalae: Part of the Limbic System


The amygdala is one of two grey matter masses (plural: Amygdalae) located deep within the brain. The word amygdala comes from the Greek word meaning “almond”, and indeed, the amygdalae resemble almond shapes. They are part of the brain’s limbic system responsible for emotional processing and response. When we encounter a stressful situation, we often … Read more

Ancestral Archive: Collected Energies of the Ancestors

The Collected Energies of All of your Ancestors are Contained within the Ancestral Archive The ancestral archive is an energy structure that is both physical and subtle. What are the physical and subtle aspects of the Ancestral Archive? DNA and consciousness. Your DNA is the physical manifestation of all the bodies that have contributed to … Read more

Angelic Energy: Manifestation of Our Future Self

I use the phrase Angelic Energy to describe what others may call angels. The reason I am not using the word angel is because it’s my perception that this aspect of creation is not separate from ourselves. The word “angel” denotes a being outside the context of self. With respect to energy healing, however, it’s … Read more

Anger: Hot and Cold Anger & Permanent Life Improvements


Let’s see a show of hands for anyone who has never felt anger? . . . Oh, no one! (You can read my own personal experience below this article.) Anger: A universally common experience By its nature, anger is a great destroyer. For this reason, and that it’s arguably the most uncomfortable of all emotions, … Read more

Astral Body: explanation, videos and healing

Astral Body

The Astral Body—The Front Line of Energetic Protection The Astral Body is one of the subtle expressions of self. (Just deeper than the astral body is the causal body. Deeper than the causal body is the field of unmanifest, qualitiless Being.) The astral body is subtle enough that it is not bound by either space … Read more

Aura and Auric Field

Auric Field

The Auric Field – The Subtle Energy Field Around the Chakras and Body Auric field refers to one of the layers of energy around the body. From what I can tell, the chakras appear to generate auric field energies. Subsequently, each chakra has its own unique auric field which contributes to the overall auric effect … Read more

Axes of Consciousness

Axes of Consciousness

Axes1 of Consciousness: Points of Reference for Navigating the Ocean of Consciousness Energy healing is about focusing attention intelligently. Fortunately, focusing attention is a skill we all possess. The art of this skill is in deciding where to focus attention. This article (and video below) will help you get started. Below I’ve listed four, helpful … Read more