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Allergies: Using Allergies to Grow in Wisdom

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Using Allergies to Grow in Wisdom

Allergies are a combination of fear and anger. Sometimes a natural, benign substance such as pollen is seen by our body as an enemy. Fear in the body activates the immune system’s hystemic response. The hystemic response is a natural example of healthy anger. Inflammation, mucus production, and extra blood flow are all designed to efficiently bring the body back to balance. Think of establishing healthy boundaries.

In the case of allergies, deeply-buried, unprocessed fear and anger send misinformation to the immune system, particularly with the Thymus. The thymus sits in the center of the chest. This is the location where we understand reality and hold fast to the truth. If the judgment of the thymus is clouded by discordant feelings it is likely to act irrationally.

When allergic reactions arise, this is an opportunity to carefully observe moments in which you are feeling unfounded fear and responding with anger. You might notice the anger first because it is a more dynamic emotion. Then look for the fear which is behind it. Healing allergies is a process of digging to the root of the issues.

My lifelong allergies were cured I found the fear of hurting the feelings of others at the root. Anger was rising as a resource for setting healthy boundaries in relationships. I stubbornly resisted, thinking that others would resent boundaries. So, I put up with exploitation and internalized the anger which gave rise to many physical problems, allergies being one of them. What a relief it was to just look at this dynamic and make better choices!

To help reduce allergies, search out anything which causes a feeling of fear. There is almost always a belief in loss or lack behind the fear. Usually, challenging situations present potential opportunities. The deepest desire hides behind the darkest fear.

How to Reduce Allergies

The body is so smart! Through the language of experience and perception, our bodies are leading to living our highest potential. Have you noticed that the intensity of allergies waxes and wanes, Even during the peak of the allergy season? The body’s sensitive response to moment-by-moment experiences is a great indicator of precisely what is really triggering the symptom. Slow down to learn what really causes stress and what doesn’t. You might be surprised.

For even greater clarity about the root of the symptoms, it is possible to access wisdom through the thymus, the administrator of the immune system. To do this, start by putting your hands over your upper chest, the location of the thymus.

Then have a little conversation with the thymus. Ask it, “What is the problem?” Do you see how close the thymus is to the heart? The heart always tells you the truth. You can trust that if you ask the thymus in an innocent way, the truth will come. Then you know where to start reconstructing your belief system.

To eliminate allergies, the definition of threat must include only that which is opposed to evolution. Actually, it can be a joy to do this. It reveals a greater version of yourself, one closer to Totality.

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