Thymus: Main Administrator of the Immune System

Thymus—Administrator of the Immune System

The thymus is a little gland that sits slightly above the heart chakra. This small organ is responsible for most functions of the immune system. The immune cells are born in the bones. After that, they travel to the thymus to mature.

The Location and Sections of the Thymus

Energetically, this small organ is very motherly. It is responsible for overall protection of the body. So it must be discriminating. For instance, as immune system cells mature, the thymus decides which are suitable for release in the body and which are not.

The heart center is where we understand our deep, essential truths. And when we deny, repress, or ignore our truth, this will create discord in the middle of the chest and can adversely affect the thymus.

It’s interesting to note that the astral body is intimately connected to the immune system. In fact, the center of the astral body and the center of the immune system are both located in the heart chakra area.