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The Four Dense Bodies: Layers of the Physiology


The Four Dense Bodies The Dense Bodies are the four most concrete levels of our “physiology”.  (For a description of all the levels, please refer to the video: Underneath the Physical: Our Seven Subtle Energy Bodies.) The four dense levels of the body are the: It is important to note that the range of manifestation of the … Read more

The Immune System and Energy Healing

The immune system is fundamental to all the body systems involved in the healing process. Its health is basic to whole body health. When it becomes ill, then all other areas of the body are left vulnerable. The feelings in the heart are intimately linked to the effective functioning of the immune system. One reason … Read more

The Neck: Connection with Life Circumstances

There can be several “beneath the scenes” reasons for experiencing neck discomfort. Emotions, such as feeling overwhelmed and burdened by life experiences, often reside in the neck area. The neck is also what connects the administrator (the brain) with the worker (the body). Therefore, any disconnection in our relationship with authorities is often reflected as … Read more