Family Treasury: Energetic Signature of Ancestors’ Lives

Family Treasury—Archived energetic signature of the spiritual value of the lives of the ancestors Family Treasury is a term used to describe the silent inner core of the double helix of the DNA. In this inner space, the energetic signature of the spiritual value of the lives of the ancestors is archived. This area of the … Read more

Fatigue After A Night’s Sleep: Purification and Spiritual Practice

Bharat Spiritual Serene Peace India

Fatigue After a Night’s Sleep Let’s consider fatigue after a night’s sleep and our spiritual practice. It is not uncommon for people on a spiritual path to wake in the morning feeling tired. Often, they feel as if they have been working all night long. But don’t despair, there is a reason for this—the body … Read more

Flow of Consciousness: Engaging the Power of Creation

Consciousness—Unmanifest Silent Wholeness becoming the Diverse Manifestation of Creation The Flow of Consciousness moves cyclically from the unmanifest ocean of silent wholeness to the infinitely diverse manifestation of the whole creation. The Source of Creation, Pure Being, is unmanifest, yet responsible for all that is. The manifest level of creation is a commentary on the … Read more

Fungal Infections: Recognizing Negative Energy Resonation

Dealing with Fungal Infections—Recognizing the energy signature of the fungus invader and disabling its negative energies Fungal infections, as with other Infections of various types, are connected to an inner experience of separation or incomplete integration between individuality and universality. The “invaders” are understood in terms of Self when the self-integration is total, that is, … Read more