Earth Devas: Nature Spirits—Guardian Spirits of Place

An Earth Deva is a Nature Spirit which lives on a plane of existence different from the physical plane. Earth Devas can tend to dwell in some vortexes. These devas of the non-elemental kind act like guardian spirits and may manifest as spirits of place. In this capacity, the devas look after specific spots on … Read more

Ego: Raising Individual Ego to Cosmic Ego

Ego—Energy Healing to Clear Negative Aspects of Self-Limitations We can think of ourselves as a works of Universal art. Originating in the Source of Creation we are made of Divine Being. However, without the presence of personality, ego and individuality, the story of life remains abstract and its full potential is unrealized. One way we … Read more

Electronic Belt: Record of all the Laws of Nature

Electronic Belt The electronic belt is an archive, among other things. It holds a record of all the laws of nature in the universe, all at the same time. In the body, the electronic belt is situated a little higher than the 3rd chakra, which is located around the navel in the area of the … Read more

Emotional Body: Bridge from the Physical to Thinking Self

Emotional Body The Emotional Body refers to the emotional level of the physiology. As such, it is the bridge between our dense and subtle energy bodies.  The emotional body is the body of desire, of feeling. We would look at this area when dealing with emotional imbalances. Video and Healing 1. Lilac Healing Session—Healing for … Read more

Energy Healing Algorithm and How to Use It

The Energy Healing Algorithm and How to Use It

Energy Healing Algorithm The energy healing algorithm is a highly effective healing process. An algorithm is, of course, a process or a set of rules to be followed in overcoming problems. The algorithm for healing is a basic process for the attainment of pure truth, the creation of energies which heal the body and full … Read more

Energy Healing for Herpes

Free Energy Healing for Herpes The reason that herpes is so hard to overcome is because it is formed with a very hard outer shell. Normally our body’s immune system destroys viruses by taking a DNA sample of the virus, then making a protein which will destroy that virus based on its DNA composition. However … Read more

Energy Healing Matrices: the Power of the Flow of Consciousness

Energy Healing Matrices What is an Energy Healing Matrix? And what has energy healing to do with an energy healing matrix? Energy healing matrices are sacred geometrical structures which are comprised of threads of consciousness. Consciousness appears as threads, streams or channels at the astral level of creation. Within the web of life (another name … Read more

Energy Healing: Attention for Balance and Optimal Health

Energy Healing is the process of intelligently directing attention to a particular location in the body for the sake of promoting balance and optimal health. The nature of attention is that it is the portion of Divine Intelligence which can be directed with intention and the conscious mind. As such, attention has a quality of … Read more

Energy Healings Activated As You Read Them

Energy Healings Activated As You Read Them From time to time you will come upon actual energy healings activated within the Knowledge Base itself. Each energy healing is activated as you read it. The reason this works is because energy healing takes place outside the constraints of space and time. Therefore, even if I perform … Read more

Energy Resonation: Vibrational Shift in the Energy Patterns of Humanity

Energy Resonation—Vibrational Shift in the Energy Patterns of Humanity Energy resonation refers to an increase in coherent group consciousness on the planet. It’s becoming more and more evident that the earth is changing her vibrational pitch, and humanity is aligning with the change. Remarkably, a faster-vibrating or purer energy of healing and love and peace … Read more

Energy Work: Evolutionary Transformational Healing

Energy Work—A Form of Transformational Healing Energy Work is a form of transformational healing based upon the principle of intelligently directing attention to the origins of illness or concern with the intention to promote healing. We then allow naturally occurring evolutionary principles in the body to transform the seed of discomfort, and the source of the suffering … Read more

Etheric Body: The Subtle Body

The Etheric Body—the Subtle Body The etheric level of the physiology is the kavach,or shielding. It is connected to the physical body by a subtle thread along which vital currents pass. the etheric body is composed of three layers—the pranic, mental and intellectual sheaths. The pranic sheath is more subtle than the gross body but … Read more