Ego: Raising Individual Ego to Cosmic Ego

Energy Healing to Clear Negative Aspects of Self-Limitations

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We can define ego as our sense of self-esteem or self-importance. Other synonyms for ego are are self-worth, self-respect, self-image and self-confidence. 

Energy Healing can Release Old Negative Patterns

In energy healing we can clear negative aspects of ego, or self-esteem. For example, we can release old habits and unnecessary memory patterns. This helps to balance energies. It also relieves some of the self-imposed pressure of behaving in ways that match how we think we should perceive ourselves, or how others should perceive us. (For example, someone might believe they should always appear happy even if sad, or angry. So they develop a habit of constantly smiling. Although well intentioned, this type of behavior can create considerable stress for both the individual and others around them. Energy healing can help resolve this.)

Raising Individual Ego to Cosmic Ego

Another way of looking at this is to examine the role of individual ego with cosmic existence. The purpose of each soul, also known as ‘jiva’, is to become fully self-actualized. In other words, each soul’s purpose is to live full potential. When the jivan becomes fully self awakened, the mind automatically functions from its level of full maximum potential, and the senses function at their highest capacity. As a result, every action performed is successful and supportive not only for the individual, but for everyone else as well — and environment too! Furthermore, in such a self-actualized state, we begin to experience a deeper appreciation and enjoyment of everything we do and perceive.  This is because our actions and perceptions are not caught up in the boundaries of our small, individual ego. Consequently, we have more freedom to enjoy ourselves and our environment without the limitations of small attachments.

This is a picture your full potential, your birthright. And this is where energy healing can play a role — in quickening the process.

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Ego, Awakening, and Energy Healing

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