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Vi Vo

Vicious Cycles: Non-Life Supporting Patterns of Thinking and Action

Warping image of a tree reflecting a psyche aggravated by vicious cycles

Explanation of Vicious Cycles Vicious cycles are non-life supporting patterns of experience which perpetuate and expand their own nature.  Another way to describe this is as follows. Experiences, feelings, beliefs and habits work together to establish a false sense of self from which the individual is unable to liberate his- or herself. Vicious cycles often … Read more

Vortex: A Naturally Occurring, Vibrant Earth Energy Center


A vortex is a naturally occurring energy center at a specific geographical location. Vortexes occur at natural intersections of electromagnetic earth energy lines called ley lines. Without a doubt, they are places in nature where the earth is profoundly alive with a special kind of energy. Furthermore, a vortex is a transformational energy center where … Read more