Vortex: A Naturally Occurring, Vibrant Earth Energy Center

The Vortex—a naturally occurring energy center profoundly alive with a special kind of energy

A vortex is a special, naturally occurring energy center that occurs at a specific geographical location. Without a doubt, vortexes are places in nature where the earth is profoundly alive with a special kind of energy.

Vortexes are known to be natural intersections of electromagnetic earth energy. These positive energy paths are known as ley lines.

Ultimately, a vortex is a transformational energy center where visitors meet with a wide range of delightful experiences. This certainly could include experiencing a sense of well-being such as rejuvenation, relaxation, tranquility, joy, awe or physical and emotional healing. Others may experience refined celestial perception, spiritual insight, energy flow, heightened spiritual awareness and a greater sense of spiritual self.

There are many known vortexes in the world and likely many that are not that well-known or are local secrets. And throughout history, we see that many ancient cultures have left a record of the existence of special energy centers.  Several of these vortexes have been recorded through the creation of petroglyphs and special mounds to practice meditation and prayers.

Some of the more well-known vortex centers in the world are in Sedona in Arizona, Machu Picchu in Peru and the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. If you are interested in knowing about vortexes that might be near you or in places you are likely to visit, you can go to VortexHunters and find helpful lists and maps of vortexes found all over the globe.

In the end, the beauty of a vortex is in its simplicity. It’s energy is completely self-generating and self-sustaining. Consequently, this positive, spiritual, cleansing energy is always accessible and free for the taking. All you need to do is visit the place and experience the enlivening energy flow for yourself.