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Earth Devas: Nature Spirits, Guardian Spirits of Place

An Earth Deva is a Nature Spirit that lives on a plane of existence different from the physical plane. For example they tend to dwell in some vortexes. In other words, they reside in a specific location on Earth which acts as a swirling center of energy, containing more earthly energy than other places do. Here is more information on devas.

These earth devas act like guardian spirits and may manifest as spirits of a particular place. For example, in this capacity, they may look after specific spots on the Earth and act as attendants of forests, mountains and waterfalls.

VIDEOS: Locational Healings involving Earth Devas

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Dorothy travelled around the US and made locational healing videos involving earth devas in those areas. Below are a few samples. More can be viewed on her Healings on Location webpage, and also on her YouTube Channel.

Healing at Lake Michigan: Forgiveness and Release of Grief and Fear

(Estimated viewing time: 6:23 minutes)

Time Portal at Cahokia Mounds

(Estimated viewing time: 7:47 minutes)

Light Energy Healing at Pacific Ocean, Leucadia, California

(Estimated viewing time 8:20 minutes)

Mississippi River Healing Includes Cleansing of Cord of Light

(Estimated viewing time: 8:59 minutes)

Healing at Niagara Falls #3

(Estimated viewing time: 4:43 minutes)

Healing for the Feminine and Mother Earth

(Estimated viewing time: 7:39 minutes)

Check out Dorothy’s YouTube Channel for more free energy healing videos.

And if you would like assistance with healing, click on Energy Healing Services for more information.