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Vicious Cycles: Non-Life Supporting Patterns of Thinking and Action

Explanation of Vicious Cycles

Vicious cycles are non-life supporting patterns of experience which perpetuate and expand their own nature.  Another way to describe this is as follows. Experiences, feelings, beliefs and habits work together to establish a false sense of self from which the individual is unable to liberate his- or herself.

Vicious cycles often start with a trigger. For example, employees commonly do not feel comfortable or “safe” to speak their truth to management. However, the workers usually see what the company really needs for success. Why?  Because they interact directly with the commodity or market.  However, without freedom to speak up, workers often continue in a less than satisfactory situation.

When we are unable to speak our truth, life loses its potential for maximum progress. This experience can trigger feelings of frustration due to an unfulfilled desire to be more. If we believe that speaking is not an option and success is not an option, then we experience anxiety.

Anxiety leads to worry. And worry leads to little mistakes in thinking and behavior, which in turn lead to big mistakes. Then mistakes in behavior can lead to situations where one does not speak their truth and so the cycle repeats.

Every time the cycle repeats, the feelings involved in the situation, the habits and the beliefs all compounded. Over time, these compounded layers stabilize as deeply etched neural pathways and emotional patterns. The result is a quality of life which does not allow the expression of full human potential.

Energy Healing

Offered below is an Energy Healing to Escape Non-Life Supporting Patterns  of Thinking and Action: Energy Healing for Vicious Cycles

  • This healing is activated as you read it because energy healing takes place outside the constraints of space and time.
  • Even though Dorothy performs the healing at one time, anyone from that time forward can benefit from that healing.
  • Additionally, the healings become more powerful over time as more and more people participate.
  • Also, the same person, returning more than once to the same healing, will receive ever deepening layers of benefit from the healings.


  • Healing for vicious cycles of feeling and behavior.
  • Addressing this all the way back to early childhood. 
  • Your grace activating restructuring of habits and reactions. 
  • Healing to speed up the restructuring of new habits. 

Clearing vicious cycles in the mental through physical levels of the body which flow as follows. Environmental input triggers areas of emotional investment. This leads to anxiety. Anxiety leads to worry, Worry leads to little mistakes in thinking and behavior, which in turn lead to big mistakes, which lead to experiences which trigger areas of emotional investment.  

Clearing impressions associated with this cycle, in the mental through physical (senses of perception and the brain’s prefrontal wiring) for many generations, sometimes skipping a generation here and there. Also clearing attachments and pain bodies, particularly at the mental level. Clearing the discordant feelings from the astral through physical bodies. Particularly in the astral body, there are connections with external experiences (triggers). These connections are associated with illusion, ego, and more impressions. This mix of illusion, ego, and impressions is something that has been held in common for people for a long time. Clearing this mix from astral through physical levels in ancestors going back hundreds of years. Also, some impressions come from past human incarnations. So these too are clearing. 

Addressing early childhood “learning”

Seeing in early childhood the “learning” of this cycle of behavior from parents, particularly mother and older people, (siblings, friends, extended family, etc). Celestial/collective intelligence addressing the thinking and feeling of tiny self to support the ability to witness the behaviors of older people with improved discrimination. The light of awareness is illuminating for tiny self, the mechanics of how we learn, how we consciously choose to adopt the attitudes and responses of people older than us. Awareness of this choice, puts the choice in the realm of behaviors over which we have autonomy.

Even now, this process is lighting up so that we can consciously choose to behave in a way which best reflects dignity, wisdom, balance, and grace. Bringing the light of awareness into the areas of the brain (hyppocampus, limbic area) of the way in which we internalize learned behaviors from others. Balance is predominating in these areas. Balance brings the experience of witnessing experience in a very simple way. Witnessing allows time to think about what to do, and how to respond. The feeling that there is time helps alleviate anxiety. So, the vicious cycle is breaking at the point where anxiety is experienced, by providing the experience of sufficient time and freedom to make new better choices. 

Clearing illusions, judgments, attachments, etc.

Feeling very sweet waves of gratitude for life in general. Feeling a loving attunement with the Mother of Creation, and a re-commitment to the choices and actions which bring out the best in everyone. This is accomplished by a reduction in reactivity to experiences which seem less than perfect. Clearing illusions in the causal through mental levels of the mind, that assumed outcomes are ideal, and unexpected outcomes are unacceptable. Clearing judgments, attachments, unrealistic expectations, and assumptions from these same areas.

Also, working with neural pathways which connected with these elements. Feeling that soothing energy in the brain, working into the pathways which had established around expectations, etc. The habit of reacting to triggers is dissolving. Balance is establishing in the neural pathways which connected the environmental triggers with the habit of getting upset, feeling loss, grief, and especially disappointment. The softness with which your Big Self is handling this is really beautiful. I am seeing habits of gratitude, and expansion of awareness replacing habits of recoiling, when things don’t turn out as expected. 

Restructuring habits

I have read that to restructure a habit, it takes 21 days of consciously stabilizing the new behavior and not cheating or falling off of the process. This means choosing a goal which is both laudable and practically attainable. Something small enough that allows easy modification of behavior with utmost success. This is easiest when starting with inner behaviors. Such as spending a moment or two a day visualizing the goal. Even this will help set a foundation for action steps in the days and weeks ahead.

This energy healing will help shorten that time frame, and empower your ability to recreate yourself as quickly as you can realize what needs to change. All the work we have done in past sessions which keep the flow of knowingness moving through the body and the internal communication channels open to your purest, most refined truth will now be very useful. 

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