Judgment: Energy Work—Embracing the Reality of Love

Judgment, Energy Work, and Embracing the Reality of Love

Most people don’t waste their time in judgment of others. Deep down, we all know that judging others is a complete waste of time. Deep down, our essential nature is Divine Being. We are all precious and loved beyond comprehension.

However, living this reality of love is something that seems to be constantly unfolding.

As we seek to improve our lives, we see that changing behaviors generally means changing habits. Energy work goes after habits which have had time to become so second nature that we hardly register them consciously.

For instance, most of us have felt emotional pain when someone says something hurtful to us. This can send us into a period of rehashing the experience. And we may fall into comparing our own kindly nature to the other person’s unkindly nature.

It is common to upgrade our sense of self-worth through such a comparison or judgment. And we may form a habit of doing that over time. However, this sense of self-worth comes with the price of thinking ill of another person, which lowers personal energy vibration.

In the case of camouflaged judgment, not overt judgment, treating oneself unkindly is projected into treating others unkindly. Gossiping, focusing on their weaknesses, failings, or faults can be camouflaged as “being concerned” about others.

The judging, camouflaged as concern, remains hidden from view. As such, it remains untreated.

Addressing a deeper level of an imbalance

Unnoticed, the imbalance has a chance to compound, fester, and solidify into trouble. Eventually, it can show up physically in the form of an infirmity that we cannot ignore.

However, attending to the imbalance as a physical problem keeps the awareness on the surface of life. Even then, the inner seed or cause of the illness can be missed, only to crop up later as a new symptom.

In many cases, the other person is a dear family member or someone close enough to effectively push buttons. We may see this as “getting under the skin” (joints being under the skin.) If the person was not beloved, they wouldn’t know where to find your triggers. Yes? We would respond with neutrality rather than hurt feelings. No one wants to think ill of those they love.

These are some of the ways we can fall into habits such as judgment of others that are self-destructive or, at the least, not useful to our evolution. As we said above, we can effectively use energy work to address a deeper level of imbalance and deal with self-destructive habits that have seem to be integrated into our very nature. In so doing, we can see more and more that our essential nature is Divine Being and appreciate the reality of Love that is natural to our lives.

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