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Infections: Master Your Own Healing Process

The process of fighting infections works like this:

When your body detects a cold virus, the good bacteria in your body take a sampling of the DNA of the virus and places it in an archive.  The virus DNA sample is kept in an archive so that immunity to that particular virus will, hence forth, be maintained.

Based on their analysis of the virus DNA, the bacteria then produce a protein (CAS9), which eliminates the virus from the body.

Normally, for the average person, overcoming a cold takes seven to ten days. Other infectious diseases can take longer or shorter amounts of time. However, your Divine Self (Pure Being) can actually provide resources of wisdom and energy to your helpful bacteria to greatly speed up this process.

Here are the steps to master your own healing process and fight infections

1. Sit quietly, or lay down if you feel really awful. Arrange to do this for several minutes without disturbance. (For example, keep pets in another room because this process will be much more effective if your attention is not divided.)

2. Offer the feeling of sickness to your Divine Self with the intention to find the antidote.

3. Quietly wait for the answer—the antidote—to return. This feels like a wave of knowingness coming into the crown of the head as a feeling.

4. With attention, allow the antidote feeling to spread through the body, then offer this experience of the antidote spreading to Divine Self.

5. Another wave of antidote will return through the crown of the head. This time it will be more powerful, more refined and more effective.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 as many times as necessary to feel the energy of the cold replaced by the feeling of opulent health.

The longer you do this exercise to fight infections, the more steps 4 and 5 will fuse into a wave of energy, penetrating all parts of the body with increasing power. Energy will come in through the crown, then out to the field of Pure Being. In and out, in and out.

Having no expectations is important. Just focus on the feeling of the movement of consciousness, innocently noticing the feeling of ill health transforming into great health again.

The process can help alleviate a cold in as little as ten minutes.

Flus can take longer, perhaps a couple of hours. The time it takes depends upon the severity of the illness, how long you have had it and how much healing awareness you are able to bring to the process.

Karma might be involved!

Sometimes in the middle of the process, some karma might need to be released—Karma or other energy which is playing into the experience of the illness. It is good to be open to whatever the body needs and just go with that.

Be alert to negative feelings. If any negative feeling comes up, know that it has surfaced specifically because of its relationship to the illness. Offer the negative emotion to Being as well. The negative emotion is an incompletion. Bringing awareness (flowing Wholeness) completes incompletions.

The more times you try this exercise the faster you will become at fighting infections.

Every time you eliminate a cold or flu from your body this way, your whole system will become more and more adept at the skill. You will find yourself doing this exercise spontaneously when a cold even threatens.

The energy healing which I offer is about empowering you to master your own healing process. It is most satisfying when you have the ability to do this yourself.

Incidentally, the astral body is the first line of defense between you and microbial invaders. You may feel buoyancy increasing in the astral body as you practice this exercise. Every time you successfully fight off a cold, your astral body—and your good bacteria—get smarter!

Please see my article about fungal infections for more information about infections and energy healing.


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