Causal Body: Seat of Human Potential

Your Causal Body, the Causal Realm

Your causal body is as ageless and vast as the universe. Think of it as a great space of scintillating light, silently folding back into its Source, the field of Infinite Being.  There is so much potential in the causal field of Self. It configures itself in nearly endless variations and is the seat of our manifesting power.

The causal body is located close to the field of Pure Divine Being. We can experience it as the finest level of feeling. Causal body intelligence is responsible for implementing the resources which arise from the Source of creation.

The causal body is apportioned into discrete spaces through the intelligence of the heart and mind. These spaces hum within themselves. The size and shape of the space determines the nature of the vibration, or tone, produced by the causal area. The nature of the vibration determines the detail of what arises from this causal area.

Multiple causal spaces are usually active at any moment, while a large portion of the causal realm remains quietly folding back into the Silence of Being. The resonation of these causal spaces interact to create a symphony of effects in our lives. Resonations of the causal body form the scaffolding upon which we build subtle structures such as beliefs, feelings and paradigms. These in turn help us understand life experience. So, we can think of the action of the causal body as fundamental to all experience.

Through energy healing, we can identify causal resonations as laws of nature, or as great beings, such as angels, saints, ascended masters, gods, etc. The resonations can also manifest as light medicines, matrices, or, of course, realms of creation. The way we understand and label causal activity is based upon personal perspective. How we identify these resonations will determine how they are leveraged to support the healing process.


Understanding this Highly Abstract Level of Being

In order to understand this highly abstract level of being, human culture has created myths, legends, stories and concepts of divine realms and amazing heroes. These stories serve to enhance our understanding. Stories are particularly useful, as we normally identify with the hero of a story. This identification aids our connection with the causal realm. This is why the causal spaces are sometimes thought of in animated terms—saints, ascended masters, gods, etc.

These forms are manifestations of our causal body and archetypal forms of the causal realm, as experienced by our human collective. As mentioned above, they include the gods, arch angels, ascended masters, saints and more. When our awareness rests in the causal body, we feel that we are in the company of the wise and the great. This is such a lovely experience.

What is really happening is we are awakening and stabilizing the most valuable healing forms which reside in the causal field of our bodies. As we become familiar with these forms we create a foundation for creating a permanent state of highest health.

We also align perception of our individual self with perception of self as cosmic. Why? Because the universal forms are accessible to us in a very personal way. We identify with them as we do the hero in a movie. Yet unlike the hero of a movie, we find these forms within the field of our own self-referral consciousness. Meanwhile, their reality spans all ages and places.

Karma and the Causal Body

Karma can lock specific areas of the causal body into continuous use. This is both good and bad. It is good because spaces which remain consistently in use create a sense of stability. However, in the case of negative karma, this tendency can also lock problems into life, sometimes requiring substantial efforts to unlock.

Culture, tradition, and ancestral habits orient us toward favoring some causal activities over others. For most people this happens under the radar of the conscious mind. This is similar to the way each person’s lifestyle leads them to develop the body in specific ways. People with physical jobs get stronger over time, people with demanding jobs get more creative over time, etc.

Energy healing utilizes the infinite potential of the causal realm, refining attention and restructuring the forms there to support positive outcome. Attention is the principle tool for modifying the causal body. Because this area of our life is so abstract, it is highly responsive to the focus of attention.

Due to the abstract nature of the causal body and the way in which karma locks the spaces, some delicacy of focus is required to create change at this level. However, such effects can be dramatic, extremely satisfying and greatly enhance the ability to self-heal.


Videos and Healing

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