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Causal Body: Seat of Human Potential

Estimated reading time: 9 minutes

Your causal body is as ageless and vast as the Universe. Think of it as a great space of brilliant light, silently folding back into its Source, the field of Infinite Being.  There is so much potential in the causal field of Self. It configures itself in nearly endless variations and is the seat of our manifesting power.

The causal body is located close to the field of Pure Divine Being. We can experience it as the finest level of feeling. Causal body intelligence is responsible for implementing the resources which arise from the Source of creation.

Nature of the Causal Body

The causal body is apportioned into discrete spaces through the intelligence of the heart and mind. These spaces hum within themselves. The size and shape of the space determines the nature of the vibration, or tone, produced by the causal area. The nature of the vibration determines the detail of what arises from this causal area.

Multiple causal spaces are usually active at any moment, while a large portion of the causal realm remains quietly folding back into the Silence of Being. The resonation of these causal spaces interact to create a symphony of effects in our lives. Resonations of the causal body form the scaffolding upon which we build subtle structures such as beliefs, feelings and paradigms. These in turn help us understand life experience. So, we can think of the action of the causal body as fundamental to all experience.

Through energy healing, we can identify causal resonations as laws of nature, or as great beings, such as angels, saints, ascended masters, gods, etc.

The resonations can also manifest as light medicinesmatrices, or, of course, various realms of creation. The way we understand and label causal activity is based upon personal perspective. How we identify these resonations will determine how they are leveraged to support the healing process.

Understanding this Highly Abstract Level of Being

In order to understand this highly abstract level of being, human culture has created myths, legends, stories and concepts of divine realms and amazing heroes. These stories serve to enhance our understanding. Stories are particularly useful, as we normally identify with the hero of a story. This identification aids our connection with the causal realm. This is why the causal spaces are sometimes thought of in animated terms—saints, ascended masters, gods, etc.

These forms are manifestations of our causal body and archetypal forms of the causal realm, as experienced by our human collective. As mentioned above, they include the gods, arch angels, ascended masters, saints and more. When our awareness rests in the causal body, we feel that we are in the company of the wise and the great. This is such a lovely experience. See for example, this description of the causal form of Narasimha.

What is really happening is we are awakening and stabilizing the most valuable healing forms which reside in the causal field of our bodies. As we become familiar with these forms we create a foundation for creating a permanent state of highest health.

We also align perception of our individual self with perception of self as cosmic. Why? Because the universal forms are accessible to us in a very personal way. We identify with them as we do the hero in a movie. Yet unlike the hero of a movie, we find these forms within the field of our own self-referral consciousness. Meanwhile, their reality spans all ages and places.

Karma and the Causal Body 

Karma can lock specific areas of the causal body into continuous use. This is both good and bad. It is good because spaces which remain consistently in use create a sense of stability. However, in the case of negative karma, this tendency can also lock problems into life, sometimes requiring substantial efforts to unlock.

Culture, tradition, and ancestral habits orient us toward favoring some causal activities over others. For most people this happens under the radar of the conscious mind. This is similar to the way each person’s lifestyle leads them to develop the body in specific ways. People with physical jobs get stronger over time, people with demanding jobs get more creative over time, etc.

Energy healing utilizes the infinite potential of the causal realm, refining attention and restructuring the forms there to support positive outcome. Attention is the principle tool for modifying the causal body. Because this area of our life is so abstract, it is highly responsive to the focus of attention.

Due to the abstract nature of the causal body and the way in which karma locks the spaces, some delicacy of focus is required to create change at this level. However, such effects can be dramatic, extremely satisfying and greatly enhance the ability to self-heal.

If you would like assistance with healing, see Energy Healing Services.


Modifying Karma – Forging Relationships within Our Causal Field

(Estimated viewing time: 6:40 minutes)

A Deeper Look at the Causal Body (Includes Energy Healing)

(Estimated viewing time: 20:36 minutes)

Healing for the Causal Body Organs Connecting Us with the Divine

(Estimated viewing time: 3:59 minutes)

Description of the Celestial and Casual Levels of the Physiology

(Estimated viewing time: 10:37 minutes)

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Healing for Karma

  • This healing is activated as you read it because energy healing takes place outside the constraints of space and time.
  • Even though Dorothy performs the healing at one time, anyone from that time forward can benefit from that healing.
  • Additionally, the healings become more powerful over time as more and more people participate.
  • Also, the same person, coming back more than once to the same healing, will receive ever deepening layers of benefit from the healings.


  • Revealing a deeper understanding of karma and how it relates to health.
  • Healing the endocrine system
  • Flowing of energy and light
  • Clearing and purification
  • Assistance from the Karmic Board
  • Transformation of karma


Deeper understanding of karma and health

It has been my experience since embarking on this journey that all illness is connected to karma in some form or another. We can think of karma as a sort of debt to or credit from the Universe resulting from past actions. Whenever possible, paying debts early and quickly saves suffering in the long run.

Karma, can be deconstructive or creative, breaking down or building up, supportive of fast evolution or slowing evolution down. When one is gripped by illness, this experience is associated with karma. It breaks apart something in the relative for the sake of restructuring closer alignment with Source. The deconstruction phase reveals valuable detail about oneself and one’s relationship with the rest of creation. This vital information is essential for the highest reconstruction to follow. Deep alertness is required during the deconstruction phase.

The old habit is to dull the senses or escape, mentally and emotionally, even physically, if possible, during the deconstruction phase. So, we are now turning this habit around for the world collective. 

Healing the endocrine system

Seeing a very small energy flow, a thin thread of energy, which moves from the surface of life to field of unmanifest Being. This thread represents the path of deconstruction. Bringing awareness there, and the blessings of Divine Source. This is a naga which is naturally delicate in the universal time period in which we currently reside. This is its resting time. 

With utmost love, the tenderest of the tender, a request is being directed to this naga, this aspect of the causal body, to increase its abundant expression. Seeing an energy of pure golden light nourishing the stream of consciousness. This flow of gold is something really beautiful. It is a sort of nectar. In our bodies it arrives at the crown of the head and moves through the whole body. It is healing the endocrine system of your body and also the endocrine system of your microbiome. 

Flowing of energy and light

Feeling the flow of amazing emotions, such devoted reverence, the likes of which I have never witnessed before. This is pure bliss. For everyone in this healing, and ancestors for five generations, a flow of this amazing golden light is nourishing and healing the whole being. Looking to stabilize and integrate this as an all time underlying reality of your being henceforth. This is the forging of a relationship between the current state of self-definition and what ever it takes to maintain this reality. The insular cortex is activating to create new neural connections which support and maintain the lively presence of this naga in the causal realm. 

This causal construction (the naga) is being honored as a permanent form in the causal level of being. It is reminding me of a king — a precious leader who is protected due to the importance of the role that they occupy in relationship to everything else in life. 

Clearing and purification

The universal time is shifting to accommodate more goodness in all areas of life. The increased presence of this particular thread of consciousness, the very path from the material level of creation to its Source, for everyone, and everything, is itself experiencing a healing. It is able to accommodate our request, in the same way a healthy body is able to carry out the intention of the body’s indweller. 

I am also seeing a nice clearing in the web of life between this particular thread of consciousness with the rest of creation. The amazing sweetness of the golden light medicine is radiating to the whole field of life to create the same bliss in the collective as in our bodies. A huge karmic shift is now taking place. Huge. There is a lot of purification with this also. 

More insights about karma

Sometimes in energy healing, it is useful to determine what type of karma, is expressing. Karmas can be analysed along the big/small axis, from individual karma to universal karma. Any level of karma can affect health and circumstances. Determining the type of karma is not always necessary. In the case of this particular situation, we are working with a form of global karma. 

Karma roots into the causal body forcing specific limitations in that area, and thus the forming of spaces which necessarily resonate at specific frequencies. Some karmas seem quite malleable, others nearly impossible to budge. What is important is the moving of the karmas which are responsible for health concerns and anything which inhibits positive growth. 

The Karmic Board

There is a particular arrangement of causal energy that is responsible for moving karma. Sometimes this energy is called “the Karmic Board”. Think of an administrative board, made up of specialists with ability to manipulate the realms of the causal body with ease. The causal space is vast, reaching through the whole Universe. The Karmic Board analyzes the effects of actions, plans life events, and transforms the foundation of experience as needed. Appealing to the Karmic Board for support with this healing. Offering a clear vision of the limiting forms of karma responsible for current health and life concerns. This healing is also expanding the purest intentions within the Karmic Board. The Karmic Board is now able to work with a broader spectrum of resources to draw more creative solutions to the surface of life.

Transformation of karma

I am seeing some channels of communication between the Karmic Board and the Mother of Creation (Source) forming which were not previously present. These new channels of communication tie in with the endocrine system. They allow softer feelings, warmer flow of love, greater appreciation for fine detail, and increased discrimination. All of this is possible due to the upgrade in your endocrine system. In other words, the physical upgrade allows the energy healing to expand to cosmic levels. 

The expansion of this energy healing further heals and refines endocrine function. A loop is created which results in the stabilization and integration of the golden light medicine which ultimately upgrades the current universal time to support blessings for all. As the source of this process, your karma is transformed to support your highest health and well being.

Love and gratitude,

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