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Causal Medicine: Light Medicines Produced by the Causal Body

Causal Medicine, Light Medicines

Causal Medicine is light medicine produced by the Causal Body. Light medicines are sometimes referred to as Energies of the Divine.

The Causal Body itself is one of the four layers of our subtle bodies. The subtle bodies from most subtle to the densest are the celestial, collective, causal and astral bodies. Each of these bodies is infinite in nature and resides outside the range of space and time.

In creating causal medicine, the Causal Body absorbs the pure energy that flows from the unmanifest to the manifest expression of life. It can do this because it has the enormous potential to be absolutely anything by shaping energy and directing it to produce specific healing effects.

Organs within the Causal Body that shape pure energy into causal medicine

We can use energy healing to activate structures or organs in the Causal Body.  These organs will then start to shape that pure raw energy to produce causal medicine.

As we look more deeply into the Causal Body, we see several categories of these very delicate, abstract organs. For example, there are organs for manifestation, for health, for knowing and for knowingness. Additionally, there are organs that connect us to various aspects of ourselves and our own creation – organs that produce healing light medicines for us.

Besides all this, we have an very important organ associated with the quality of Grace. There is a being in creation called Divine Grace. It is one of the great Mother Goddesses, like the big Mother of all creation with all her entourage of expressions of truth around her: Divine Love, Divine Grace, Divine Compassion, Divine Truth.

Moreover, we can call on Divine Grace to activate organs that produce these light medicines. Once a particular organ has been activated, it’s like a muscle. It starts to work, it starts to produce.

And what do these organs of healing produce?

They produce the quality of Grace. Then Grace flows up through the more manifest levels of our physiology to support healing.

Subsequently, as Grace flows back, it folds into the unmanifest level of creation to heal karma. As it folds back into the field of Pure Being, that field distributes it all around. To clarify, this somewhat resembles what happens we heal the collective – all corners of creation receive a little bit the value of Grace that we’ve created.

We can actually put this organ in constant operation mode. It can be constantly creating, so it continually flows back into that field of the source of creation. As it does so, it invariably improves layer after layer after layer of the quality of our karma.

Energy Healing to create light medicines at the causal level – a positive and effective way to create balance in our lives

Balance at the causal level of being is experienced as knowingness. And knowingness is experienced as pure, manifest knowingness. This experience is delightful, luscious and supportive of the most amazing outcomes from the most terrible situations.

The Causal Body manifests light medicines so that the physical body can refine itself to meet the evolutionary demands of consciousness. Most importantly, because there is a continuous refinement of both the abstract and the concrete values of self, our evolutionary transformations take place with maximum grace and efficiency.

In summary, the subtle body has an enormous power to heal. We need only to acknowledge this potential in order to begin the healing process. And then allow the energy work to activate organs in our Causal Body that will help bring about healthy changes.

Creating light medicines for ourselves

Fortunately, you have the capability and can create these light medicines in your causal body yourself. Then transfer it through your hands into your body. And you can direct this medicine to any part of your body which feels pain through your hand chakras. To understand this process more fully and learn how, you can read more about healing with hand chakras here. And also enjoy the videos below.

Blessings on your healing journey. If you would like assistance in healing, see my Energy Healing Services.


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Check out Dorothy’s YouTube Channel for more free energy healing videos.

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