Subtle Bodies: The Abstract, Collective Levels of the Body

The Four Subtle Bodies

The Subtle Bodies are the four most abstract levels of the body. These levels of the body are collective in nature, and exist outside the constraints of space and time. 

The subtle bodies from subtle to dense are;

  • Absolute Being folded into its own nature (Nirguna Brahm)
  • Absolute Being awake within its own nature (Saguna Brahm) 
  • causal body
  • astral body

It is important to note that the range of manifestation of the Self, from abstract to concrete, is actually a smooth continuum of Divinity expressing itself as form. However, for the sake of facilitating the energy healing process, this smooth continuum is divided into layers or bodies. This provides a road map for focusing attention concisely on the area required for most effective healing.

Absolute Being

In my work, I use many different terms to define this level of oneself: Divine Being, Pure Being, Self, Source of Creation, Silent Source, Pure Awareness, and many more. Each term illuminates a slightly different facet or perspective on that which is indescribable, eternal, qualityless, ever present, etc. Energy healing builds upon the infinite potential of this level of Self to promote healing, evolution, and progress in all aspects of life. Being is a field of infinite resource, wisdom, awareness, energy, creativity and more. As such, the resources required to meet any challenge are contained therein. 

The field of Vedic Science unfolds the reality of Nirguna Brahm and Saguna Brahm. So much can be said of this level of Self. 

In energy healing, awareness ‘refers’ to the Absolute Being level of Self over and over to expand understanding of the nature of the challenge, the nature of the healing process, the resources required to meet the challenge, and the embodiment of Divine Being. One technique for this is the Energy Healing Algorithm. This simple process leverages the infinite potential of consciousness to promote healing at every level of life. 

Causal and Astral Bodies

I have separate pages for both the causal and astral bodies. These finest manifest levels of self are where the body’s most powerful healing potential is realized. Infinite human potential is born of integrated, balanced, holistic functioning of the causal and astral bodies. 

Our Subtle Energy Bodies


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