Ancestral Archive: Collected Energies of the Ancestors Found in Consciousness

The Collected Energies of All of your Ancestors are Contained within the Ancestral Archive—Energy Healing for the Ancestors

The ancestral archive is the energy structure of your DNA. Furthermore, your DNA is the physical manifestation of all the bodies that have contributed to your current form. Remarkably, within your DNA, your ancestors’ consciousness is encoded. You are the embodiment of their immortality. Therefore, your ancestors have a strong vested interest in your experience and evolution.

Your ancestors’ consciousness is present in you in a dense physical manner as the DNA molecule itself. Also, that consciousness is present in a subtle form as your inner most feelings, personality patterns and habits.

The DNA molecule has the ability to evolve through replication, repair and transformation in the form of epigenetic modification. Therefore, our DNA truly connects us to our dear ancestors, whose souls continue to evolve even after they have left their human existence. Their evolution is reflected in the changes constantly taking place in our body at the molecular level.


Accessing your Ancestral Archive Through Energy Healing

It is fully possible to access the archive of the ancestors through energy healing. Within the field of consciousness there is a sacred space for all ancestral information. Most importantly, this space is accessible if we’re willing to enter with the intention of all good for everyone. Always we must enter with an innocence and willingness to take action based on integrity, honesty and love. That is all.

In this sacred space embedded deeply within us, the stories of the lives of the ancestors reside as feelings and impressions. Using energy healing, we access this ancestral archive and enliven consciousness in the body at a molecular level. And then, through our own DNA, we heal familial imbalances and congenital problems and heal our ancestors directly.

We can traverse time and space without effort through consciousness. Therefore we go back through time and heal the suffering of our forbearers. When we take such an action, the body is liberated from the imbalances which sit in the DNA itself. At the same time, your ancestors directly benefit from the healing.


This short blog contains a very important message for your ancestors.


Offerings of Gratitude and Love from your Ancestors

It is our ancestors’ nature to offer their gratitude and love to you for doing this vital work on their behalf. Depending on how many ancestors are involved in the healing, the love can come to you in massive waves. Simply allowing the love and gratitude to wash over you and come to rest in the Source of Creation is a powerful way to handle this situation.

The Source of Creation, represented by Mother Divine, values our love above all else. When the love comes to rest in that bed of Wholeness, there is a reply of grace and blessings which cannot be measured.

If again you allow this grace to wash through you to your ancestors, the result is more waves of love. These in turn elicit more blessings, and a cycle is created which spins to infinity. When that happens, those with clairaudience will hear a ringing sound. Whether you can hear the music or not, the infinite cycle of love and grace becomes a structuring value in the body, uplifting it from the molecular level and healing genetic imbalances from the inside out.


Please see the 5 Videos below for more on Healing Ourselves and our Ancestors through Energy Healing.

Archive of the Ancestors and the Family Treasury

  • Archive of the Ancestors and the family treasury defined
  • The rationale for working with this area of self
  • A healing is included.


Healing for the Ancestors to Support the Ability to Self-Love

  • A Healing for the ancestors.


Healing at the Pacific Ocean for Our Ancestors

  • Addressing transformation in belief systems
  • Helping the ancestors move with the ever accelerating evolutionary trajectory of our current time
  • Healing the ancestors through healing their hearts and emotional bodies.


Energy Healing for Ancestors and DNA

  • Introduction to ancestral healing
  • Offerings of homage to ancestors and healing transformation for your DNA.


Healing for Ancestors and Family Karm

  • Helping the ancestors define themselves in terms of Divine Being
  • Download of an energy signature of pure wonderfulness offered to the ancestor
  • Helping ancestors to release self destructive habits and self-identify with their source in Divine Being.


You can learn more about Energy Work as a form of transformational healing in an introduction to Dorothy Rowe’s Remote Energy Healing.

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