Ancestral Archive: Collected Energies of the Ancestors

The Collected Energies of All of your Ancestors are Contained within the Ancestral Archive The ancestral archive is an energy structure that is both physical and subtle. What are the physical and subtle aspects of the Ancestral Archive? DNA and consciousness. Your DNA is the physical manifestation of all the bodies that have contributed to … Read more

Angelic Energy: Manifestation of Our Future Self

I use the phrase Angelic Energy to describe what others may call angels. The reason I am not using the word angel is because it’s my perception that this aspect of creation is not separate from ourselves. The word “angel” denotes a being outside the context of self. With respect to energy healing, however, it’s … Read more

Anger: Making Permanent Life Improvements


Let’s see a show of hands for anyone who has never felt anger? . . . Oh, no one! (You can read my own personal experience below this article.) Anger: A universally common experience By its nature, anger destroys. For this reason, it’s arguably the most uncomfortable of all emotions. Avoiding people and situations which … Read more