Anger: Making Permanent Life Improvements

Let’s see a show of hands for anyone who has never felt anger? . . . Oh, no one!

(You can read my own personal experience below this article.)

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Anger: A universally common experience

By its nature, anger destroys. For this reason, it’s arguably the most uncomfortable of all emotions. Avoiding people and situations which elicit an angry response within us – or who are themselves angry is natural.

If anger is so uncomfortable and opposed to the laws of creation, why does it exist? 

Anger’s role in creation is to bring the powerful energy required to make big changes. This often takes the form of setting healthy limits or boundaries.

In order to understand this principle, let’s examine two types of anger: Hot and Cold.

3 Common ineffective ways of dealing with anger

Exploding it out:

The most common way of handling anger is to just let it explode out. Innocent parties can be harmed by this, Meanwhile, the purpose of anger which is to fuel healthy change is not served. Furthermore, the original reason for this anger is to raise you above some karmic difficulty. Explosive displays of anger serve to compound a person’s karmic load, not dissolve it.

Holding it in:

Kind, agreeable people would sooner sacrifice themselves than sacrifice others. Holding anger inside oneself causes the intensity of this emotion to eat away at the body and soul. The destructive energy folds into the tissues of the body causing all sorts of problems. Very commonly these are seen in the hottest organs of the body, digestive organs, eyes, reproductive organs, skin.

Running away:

What ever the environmental instrument for eliciting an anger response, one goes away from that. The problem is that people and situations don’t make you angry. The anger comes from within to provide energy for evolutionary growth. Particularly when unhealthy situations or relationships are deeply established. The problem is that you can’t run away from a feeling. Anger will find you wherever you go until you attend to it.

Harnessing Anger for the Highest Good

“For an enlightened man, even the destructive laws of Nature work in his favor.” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi  

You will need three things

Fine discrimination:

Behind the anger is an issue that needs to change. This issue is not about someone else or about some external situation. It is about you. In your heart, an adjustment is required. This adjustment brings you into deeper alignment with your soul’s intention for this lifetime. It allows you to fulfill your potential.

Once you know what needs to change inside, then you will know what needs to change in your environment. The inner change will translate into the placement of healthy boundaries somewhere. You may need to move from your current location, or share your personal details less with someone who is exploitative. There are countless examples.


Dharma is the sustainer of the universe. It is comprised of truth, compassion, purity, and the ability to let go. In order to navigate through the internal and external complexities of anger, some skill is required. Practice applying the values of dharma is required. The destructive nature of anger will always lead to letting go of something.

Resetting priorities in the context of dharma will allow you to make the best possible decisions in the face of dynamic circumstances that give rise to the experience of anger.

Measured response:

Once you have grasped the purpose of any anger you may feel, then comes the process of applying this knowledge in a way that promotes maximum benefit and growth for everyone touched by your situation. The material world takes its time to change. People can only process so much information at a time. You must calculate (more fine discrimination required here) how much the people around you are able to understand, and how quickly they are able to adjust to the changes brought about by the evolutionary process.

Your vision of the required change may be a limited version of Nature’s vision. If you present your intentions accessibly, then the world around you will have the chance to help guide you to the highest possible path. Feeling anger means that you are ready to step up into a more evolved version of yourself. Be ready to adapt.

If you already knew where you were going, you would be there. The fact that anger is present means that a process that requires energy to complete is at hand. As you channel the anger constructively, you will find that the path of evolution becomes efficient in ways you may not have ever imagined.

May this information help you approach the experience of anger and express it to maximum advantage for all. May you also know yourself more intimately, and employ the flow of love and understanding to heal. Each time you do this, your life will be permanently improved.

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Using Anger as a Tool for Emotional Liberation

(My personal experience as expressed in response to a client’s question.)

By Dorothy Rowe Energy Healer – 

Dear Dorothy: You talk about how the environment reflects our stuff—the issues that we may have repressed and stuffed away in a closet.  So for example, I may have chosen not to express anger, and so it has gotten repressed and is in my energetic baggage. I have tons of repressed anger, I think that’s why am experiencing physical challenges.

Dorothy:   I can sympathize with the tendency to resist expressing anger. I did this most of my life until it caused a miscarriage. Frustrating situations were compounding. I was so afraid of hurting other people’s feelings that I kept working harder to accommodate everyone. My liver got too hot. I was bleeding too much, and couldn’t stop because of the heat. Baby died and I ended up in the hospital. It was awful. More painful than my live births. 

The baby was my teacher. She showed me that anger is sharp. It points internally to that which requires attention. The discomfort of anger draws awareness to inner locations which require the flow of love and understanding to heal. 

Many people direct attention outward when they feel angry. “She or he made me mad” or “that situation is so frustrating.” Blaming an unborn child is simply not an option, right?

Baby showed me that anger is a gift which lets you see the root of a problem which would have otherwise have been hidden from view. The person or situation that seems to be causing anger is creating a stirring within which allowed the hidden anger within us to surface. Once one is aware of the heat of the anger, then one can follow that feeling to its source and locate the original damage responsible for the angry feeling.

As attention floods into this area it brings with it a host of healing energies. Healing anger from its source affects permanent life improvements.
It took me years to learn to shift from the habit of blaming others to looking within. Anger lowers the I.Q. and makes it hard to think clearly, but it doesn’t have to be this way for you. As soon as awareness shifts from blame to solutions, the pain of anger vanishes. When anger is used as a tool for healing, it actually releases emotional pain.

May this information help you approach the experience of anger armed with the ability to use it to maximum advantage. May you know yourself more intimately, and lovingly let go of the cause of the anger. Each time this happens your life will be permanently improved.

Love and gratitude,