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Anger: Revealing Truth

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

The Purpose of Anger 

Anger is arguably the most uncomfortable of all emotions. Anger’s evolutionary role in creation is to bring powerful energy required to make important changes. It is a response to the obfuscation of Truth and provides the resources for setting healthy limits or boundaries. A healthy boundary allows the flow of truth by illuminateing falsehood for what it is.

3 Common ineffective ways of dealing with anger

Exploding it out:

The most common way of handling anger is to just let it explode out. Innocent parties can be harmed by this, Meanwhile, the purpose of anger which is to fuel healthy change is not served. Furthermore, the original reason for this anger is to raise you above some karmic difficulty. Explosive displays of anger serve to compound a person’s karmic load, not dissolve it.

Holding it in:

Kind, agreeable people would sooner sacrifice themselves than sacrifice others. Holding anger inside oneself causes the intensity of this emotion to eat away at the body and soul. (Autoimmune issues arise from this way of handling anger.) The destructive energy folds into the tissues of the body causing all sorts of problems. Very commonly these are seen in the hottest organs of the body, digestive organs, eyes, reproductive organs, skin. Anger can also cause allergies, is related to how herpes symptoms manifest, and is releted to autoimmue disorders such as multiple sclerosis.

Running away:

What ever the environmental instrument for eliciting an anger response, one goes away from that. The problem is that people and situations don’t make you angry. The anger comes from within to provide energy for evolutionary growth. Particularly when unhealthy situations or relationships are deeply established. The problem is that you can’t run away from a feeling. Anger will find you wherever you go until you attend to it.

Anger as an Evolutionary Tool

“For an enlightened man, even the destructive laws of Nature work in his favor.” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi  

Fine discrimination:

Behind the anger is genuine truth trying to surface. Discrimination pinpoints this truth, then the focus of awareness activates it. The problem is that everyone has a different tolerance to Truth. It takes time to adapt to truth in its purest form. Pure truth is dense or concentrated. A nervous system that is both stabile and adaptable can integrate it. That means the healthier your nervous system is, the better you can embrace and apply truth to unfold your life’s potential.


Dharma is the sustainer of the universe. It is comprised of truth, compassion, purity, and the ability to let go.

Every dharmic action helps shape your the nervous system. The nervous system is highly adaptable, highly responsive to every detail of experience. Anger activates the purity and letting go values of dharma. Purification of ignorance and blossoming of Truth go hand in hand. With compassion present to soften the experience, it is possible to navigate difficulties with maximum grace and success.

Measured response:

The material world takes its time to change. People can only process so much information at a time. You must calculate (more fine discrimination required here) how much truth the people around you are able to receive in any moment. How quickly they are able to adjust to the changes brought about by deeper truths? Your friends and family will also experience purification and integration in the presence of the truth that you bring to them.

If you present your truth accessibly and compassionately, then it will be easier for those around you to understand and accept. Feeling anger means that you are ready to step up into a more evolved version of yourself. Be ready to adapt.

Anchoring Awarness to Wholeness: Good and Evil

The difference between good and evil is a matter of evolution. Evolution is a universal fundamental. Even the darkest, most negative feelings can potentially support the evolutionary process. Even the softest, most pleasant emotions can destroy. When the whole spectrum of human experience is used to uphold evolution, then they can be defined as “good”. When the range of experience is used to destroy then it is “evil”.

The guarantee that actions will uphold the highest good is through a personal anchor to the Source of creation. Only the absolute, eternal, qualityless Source of creation is absolutely good. Every manifest form is a mixture of constructive and destructive energies. Your awareness is pure Source material that you direct through intention. A healthy nervous system allows you to stay centered in Wholeness, regardless of how shrowded the Truth may become. No matter how terrible the circumstances that unfold from hiding the truth, you will not lose your connection to Pure Truth, and thus will not become gripped by non-truth.

May this information help you approach the experience of anger and express it to maximum advantage for all. May you also know yourself more intimately, and employ the flow of love and understanding to heal. Each time you do this, your life will be permanently improved.

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