Anger: Hot and Cold Anger & Permanent Life Improvements

Let’s see a show of hands for anyone who has never felt anger? . . . Oh, no one!

(You can read my own personal experience below this article.)

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Anger: A universally common experience

By its nature, anger is a great destroyer. For this reason, and that it’s arguably the most uncomfortable of all emotions, we avoid people and situations which elicit an angry response within us – or who are themselves angry.

If anger is so uncomfortable and opposed to the laws of creation, why does it exist? 

The answer is because its very existence indicates (though not obviously) that it has an important purpose in creation.

In order to understand this principle, let’s examine two types of anger: Hot and Cold.

Hot Anger – the type that explodes

The kind of anger most of us have been exposed to is almost exclusively Hot Anger. This is the anger which explodes like a bomb and destroys everything in its path. The destructive nature of anger dominates when it is expressed in this way.

Anger usually arises from fear. And then the fight-or-flight response kicks in, which involves intense emotional impulses rising from the heart area, and they get processed with the least possible neural activity in the limbic system. When this happens, we react without considering consequences.

So the low-road response is the path of hot anger. However, destructive laws of nature can serve good purposes. For example, imagine how many lives have been saved by the cut of the surgeon’s knife.

“For an enlightened man, even the destructive laws of Nature work in his favor.” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi  

Harnessing the Power of Our Anger

So the real question is: How do we harness the power of our anger as a tool for evolution and healing?

And the answer involves cold anger.

What is Cold Anger?

Cold anger refers to anger that moves with measured regularity and finest discernment. It is anger filtered through the prefrontal cortex of the brain, (the brain’s CEO), in addition to the limbic system. The limbic system provides perspective on intense emotional experiences. The processing power provided by the prefrontal cortex adds moral reasoning, analysis and synthesis, and consideration of consequences.

Cold anger functions like the surgeon’s knife in the analogy above. Or, in more modern terms and with a broader perspective, cold anger reaches our world like a laser and carefully removes what does not serve evolution, leaving all that is valuable and good intact. This kind of perspective is a great place to start understanding its nature. And prepare us for its usage.

Dealing with challenging situations from the perspective of hot anger is an old habit which has deep ancestral roots. Additionally, alcohol short circuits much of the prefrontal cortex. So for anyone who has alcohol use in their family history (and if we go back enough generations, that includes everyone), this adds physiological blocks to a system already unfamiliar with the use of cold anger.

So what do we do? 

Accept our potential for anger

Most of us like to think of ourselves as “nice people.” And we are uncomfortable causing waves (creating havoc). But remember, personal power lies as much in the ability to destroy as to create.

Complete mastery over the relative field requires facility with the destructive as well as the creative process.

Until we accept the fire breathing dragon as part of our nature, the ability to set healthy boundaries in our life will be compromised. We must understand the need for a boundary in detail in order to set that boundary with wisdom.

Recognize you are not your feelings

In our English-speaking culture, we use phrases such as “I am angry” or “I am mad.” These phrases reflect the fact that most of us identify with our feelings. Thus, when an emotion arises, our inner being becomes so gripped by the emotion that our sense of eternal Self gets lost. Consequently, we unknowingly believe that we are the feeling.

Usually karma grows from having lost connection with our eternal Self. First recognizing and then dissolving this karma through energy healing helps release our identity with emotions. Likewise, the wisdom that we are not our feelings can loosen the grip of emotions on our identity.

For this reason, a good place to start is to restructure the relationship with feelings through our speech. Remember, thought is subtle speech. So try thinking of your self as the one who is having this feeling. And use phrases which don’t identify you with the feeling, such as I am feeling angry, or I feel frustrated, rather than “I am [emotion]“.

(Another solution is through energy healing.)

Because anger is a potent emotion, a little goes a long way

Sometimes just a look can turn a situation around with grace, without hurting anyone’s feelings yet clearly indicating the area which requires change.

Cold anger provides the context of dharma for the destructive laws of Nature

Using a small dose of anger with a large dose of our highest truth, and communicating simply, will turn the worst of situations around to serve everyone’s evolution in the best way. That which does not serve evolution will eventually have to be eliminated so that the highest expression of Divine Being can manifest at our material level of reality.

May this information help you approach the experience of anger and express it to maximum advantage for all. May you also know yourself more intimately, and employ the flow of love and understanding to heal. Each time you do this, your life will be permanently improved.

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Using Anger as a Tool for Emotional Liberation

(My personal experience as expressed in response to a client’s question.)

By Dorothy Rowe Energy Healer – 

Dear Dorothy: You talk about how the environment reflects our stuff—the issues that we may have repressed and stuffed away in a closet.  So for example, I may have chosen not to express anger, and so it has gotten repressed and is in my energetic baggage. I have tons of repressed anger, I think that’s why am experiencing physical challenges.

Dorothy:   I can sympathize with the tendency to resist expressing anger. I did this most of my life until it caused a miscarriage. Frustrating situations were compounding. I was so afraid of hurting other people’s feelings that I kept working harder to accommodate everyone. My liver got too hot. I was bleeding too much, and couldn’t stop because of the heat. Baby died and I ended up in the hospital. It was awful. More painful than my live births. 

The baby was my teacher. She showed me that anger is sharp. It points internally to that which requires attention. The discomfort of anger draws awareness to inner locations which require the flow of love and understanding to heal. 

Many people direct attention outward when they feel angry. “She or he made me mad” or “that situation is so frustrating.” Blaming an unborn child is simply not an option, right?

Baby showed me that anger is a gift which lets you see the root of a problem which would have otherwise have been hidden from view. The person or situation that seems to be causing anger is creating a stirring within which allowed the hidden anger within us to surface. Once one is aware of the heat of the anger, then one can follow that feeling to its source and locate the original damage responsible for the angry feeling.

As attention floods into this area it brings with it a host of healing energies. Healing anger from its source affects permanent life improvements.
It took me years to learn to shift from the habit of blaming others to looking within. Anger lowers the I.Q. and makes it hard to think clearly, but it doesn’t have to be this way for you. As soon as awareness shifts from blame to solutions, the pain of anger vanishes. When anger is used as a tool for healing, it actually releases emotional pain.

May this information help you approach the experience of anger armed with the ability to use it to maximum advantage. May you know yourself more intimately, and lovingly let go of the cause of the anger. Each time this happens your life will be permanently improved.

Love and gratitude,