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Multiple Sclerosis: Healing MS through Energy Work

Treating Multiple Sclerosis with Energy Healing

At the time of this article, there are over 2.8 million people worldwide suffering from multiple sclerosis. Of these, there are almost one million in the USA alone. Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disorder that results in lesions in the central nervous system. Later stages of the disease is highly debilitating, leaving the sufferer bed ridden, sometimes for years. (For more information on multiple sclerosis, click here.)

Fortunately, this disease can be healed through energy work. I realized this when I met an elderly woman who had cured herself of multiple sclerosis, in her thirties, through visualization.

Note: Please always consult your doctor when you have a serious ailment or condition. The following procedure is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment.


Here is an exercise to begin healing multiple sclerosis. It is really easy.

Step 1. Visualize the healing devas of your body as little boats which travel up and down the spine with each breath. (It is actually the breath which moves spinal fluid up and down.)

Step 2. Imagine these little boats going to areas of the brain where the lesions are. These boats are loaded with myelin, an electrically insulating sheath that surrounds nerve cells.

Step 3. As the boats travel the river of nerves, see them stopping at spots where there is damage, and off-loading piles of myelin to heal those areas. You can even imagine the myelin spreading around to protect all the nerve cells.

You will find, through practice, that there is a feeling associated with this particular healing process. Once you are familiar with the feeling, you can reproduce the healing even without the visualization. The important thing is to become skilled at moving the myelin to the parts of the nervous system requiring support.

An additional exercise:

Additionally, you can place your hands over the heart chakra and send love to this area of the body. Ask the immune system to be gentle and kind to the body. Ask it to protect the nervous system. Then be in stillness. In the stillness, information will come to you from your immune system which reveals the reasons why the multiple sclerosis damage has started in the first place. Knowing the reason will empower you to take concrete action steps in your daily life to repair any damage or heal any situations which are responsible for creating the self-damaging situation in the first place.

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