Congenital Imbalances: Imbalances Inherited from Ancestors

Congenital Imbalances—imbalances inherited from ancestors originally formed during gestation

Congenital imbalances are normally thought to be permanent. However, in energy healing, any imbalance can be undone. Just because a decision was made in the spirit world, it does not mean that it cannot be undone in this world. It is entirely possible to renegotiate contracts, vows, promises and more through the technology of energy healing.

A soul may choose to carry a particular challenge with them throughout their entire life. This, then, can form with the body in utero. Such choices are usually made prior to conception or shortly thereafter.

Very often the congenital imbalance comes with a trauma which the mother experienced during pregnancy. Mothers always try their best to protect an unborn child. However, if a child’s soul carries the intention to stretch a life lesson across an entire life, a mother’s best efforts may not be enough to forestall the challenge.

Slowing down a lesson in this way means learning that lesson extremely thoroughly. Although this is a very good thing, the experience of not understanding a particular lesson on a long term basis can create a sense of missing something, confusion, being “less” than others, etc. Usually these feelings have to be addressed before the actual lesson can be speeded up.

In energy healing a particular activation at the collective level of the body gives one autonomy over time. A lesson which was originally intended to take 90 years can be learned in all thoroughness in literally any amount of time, seconds, minutes, hours, etc.

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