Karmic: Debts of Karma that Can Be Changed

‘Karmic’ refers to debts of karma—life situations that manifest as good or bad fortune as the result of past actions.

Karma is taken on in association with a Karmic board, a collective of beautiful and powerful individuals who determine everyone’s karma. Everyone spends some time with that Board in choosing to take on certain karmas before coming into human existence.

Although karmic debt is set, there are ways to deal with that karma, ways to change karmas.

For example, most illnesses are karmically based, some karma at the tissue level of the body. Knowing that helps position you to be able to start dealing with that karma.

Another way of dealing with  karmic situations is to re-negotiate karma through the process of energy healing. Clearing contracts, agreements, vows, promises, etc., some of which is being held in the emotional and deep levels of the mental body, can be achieved through energy healing.

Karmic, then, refers to situations where you have chosen to take on and live out certain karmas in this life time. However, it is completely possible to change karmas.


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